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  • chaos ~ fred weasley
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    "What are you doing?" "What does it look like?" "It looks like you're putting eggplants in a pile outside my room." "That's exactly what I'm doing." ~ Venus Jordan hasn't been to school with her twin, Lee, in years - and Ilvermorny just isn't as fun without him. When Lee suggests she finally comes to Hogwarts, sh...

  • Manage your mischief (Weasley twins x reader) / one-shots [DISCONTINUED]
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    [DISCONTINUED] I couldn't resist creating a specific book of Weasley twin one-shots since I love writing them! Read! Request! Fave! Comment! Warning: some stories do contain smut and reference to adult or distressing content. This is always outlined at the beginning of the story. 💕 *~Usual disclaimer: I don't own mu...

  • Weasley Twin x Reader one-shots
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    Some are sad and will probs make you hate all existence, some will make you laugh and smile, and some will do both! I hope you enjoy! Latah Peeps! ?Requests are open, and much wanted!!?