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  • The Sacrifice: Fallen | Loki | Book 2
    48.4K 1.5K 32

    "A man gone insane, after his wife left him for another man, set fire to his home and hanged himself." He tied my hands behind my back. "Go to hell." I choked slowly. The oxygen in air was decreasing rapidly. Caroline. "'Tis quite a shame. To destroy such a handsome creature. You should not have played with fire." L...

  • Gun Girls
    41 0 1

    Life for Samcro was normal, that was until the night when Nessa Telford entered into town. Nessa has nowhere to turn for after dipping out on the IRA, her only hope is the help of SAMCRO to find her twin sister. With the reunion of her estranged father, Chib Telford, and the temptation with Herman Kuzik. Charming is g...

  • Sleep without you - Nestor Oceteva
    101 10 2

    If I've learned anything from the time I've spent with you it's that fine crystal and ordinary glass shatter the same.

  • More hearts then mine - Finn Shelby
    7K 173 32

    My mind knows that this is all pretend, but lately my heart can't tell the difference.

  • Skyler's Chance
    1.2K 125 15

    Skyler Darby was hellbent on leaving Charming in an effort to get away from her dad Earnest Darby, the Nords, and head to North Carolina. With her life in danger after her dad gets involved with Zobelle and his nazi crew, she turns to SAMCRO for protection. Will she stay for a certain Son, or will she leave for the ea...

  • ANGST | sons of anarchy.
    459 13 8

    |Juice Ortiz x OC| Anxiety can be your worst enemy, worse than anything else, or anyone who comes in your way. It breaks you down, day by day a little bit more - and you are desperately looking for a way out. Hailey couldn't remember the last day she had experienced without fear, for too long she's struggling with pan...

  • Perspective - Peaky Blinders
    1K 31 13

    We all have secrets. Some people's secrets are just darker then others.

  • Mixed emotions - Stranger things
    67 13 6

    Tell me who you want me to be and I'll be the opposite

  • A Convenient Arrangement
    47 8 3

    Heather Hernandez struggled with the fact she was now a widow. But her husband's best friend, Theo Sandoval, intended to show her that life after Steve was possible...and in the most sensual ways.

  • escalate | sons of anarchy.
    76.9K 1.8K 34

    |Jax Teller x OC| After her mother's death, Claire moved to Charming with her father four years ago. She was only seventeen at the time, but life went on. Her father changed quickly. He started drinking, became violent and didn't let anyone in anymore. For Claire it was the worst thing that could happen. After all, s...

  • It Won't Be Soon Before Long
    21.5K 904 46

    Prequel-ish to my other story "Hands All Over". What its like to grow up with the Tacoma Killer as your cousin. Snippets of Angela growing up with Happy, the Mayans, and Kozik as well as little moments with Juice and the rest of her crazy family. Heavily tied into my other story and does not stand alone. Definitely re...

  • Secrets
    1.8K 138 10

    Jesse has found herself back in the lives of the same people who had pushed her to leave everything she knew. Now she is faced with the fear of all her secrets being spilled. Will she be able to handle the life of SAMCRO after she has become so accustomed to dealing with shit on her own? And how will a certain tattoo...

  • While We Wait || SOA
    7.9K 213 6

    When Maya was only 6 months old, she was left in the hands of Bobby due to the sudden death of her parents. Bobby adored her so much he wanted to raise her away from the life he had. He tried his best to give her nothing but the best; the best schools, the best clothes, the best life he could. She was raised completel...

  • Shades in the Dark » Luke Cage. { Soon To Be Edited }
    23.8K 1.2K 31

    "This world is dangerous. I thought I could save it alone. Save the innocent and the weak, but I can't. I just can't." - Cori Conners. After the death of her sister, Cori Conners rebuilt her life slowly but surely. Wanting to make her sister proud, Cori took it upon herself to use her abilities for good. Encouraging h...

  • Overexposed
    17.4K 758 23

    Sequel to "Hands All Over". Juice and Angela finally got their happily ever away from SAMCRO, but Charming has a way of pulling people back in. (Juice/OC, Happy/OC)

  • Black and White| Kozik
    21 1 1

    Their relationship started out simple black and white, him hanging out to keep an eye out on Ryder, her college roommate, then things changed. And things weren't black and white anymore. Companion piece to Just Like Fire

  • Charming's Queen
    1.4K 56 10

    What happens when Jax's old love, Lynne, comes back to town after ten years? To his brother's, he's claimed he's moved on, he even made a family with his wife. Will she still have him wrapped around her finger, years later? Can they make it work or will it all crumble to dust and become a memory of the past?

  • You're My Home
    857 86 6

    Sequel to Going Home A year after all hell broke loose with the club, Tasha finds out that her and Happy have a new adventure together.

  • Company Limited || Isaiah Jesus
    2.4K 83 6

    An innocent girl meets a Peaky Blinder. What could go wrong? [Season 2- ?] [Isaiah Jesus x OC] I only own my OCs.

  • Doomed to Repeat
    2.1K 211 9

    Sequel to Mea Culpa. Roxy and Coco find themselves fighting a past they thought was long dead.

  • Tell Me Again, One More Time - SOA
    1.4K 69 13

    What will happen when the good girl reconnects with her high school's bad boy, after getting amnesia? Will she stay innocent or will she become corrupted by him and get into his lifestyle?

  • Beautiful Tragedy • Juice Ortiz
    873 37 13

    B E A U T I F U L • T R A G E D Y "Some people were born to do great things in life. Some people-like us- were born into tragedy." After the death of her father and older brother, Clove Knox spent a whole year struggling with the fact that she no longer had control of what belonged to the Knox family. Her thirst for...

  • The Outsider | SOA
    383 27 13

    Juan Carlos Ortiz, a boy with a troubled past. His troubled past starts causing trouble with the club, which ends in him being half in and half out. Will the club be able to get him back before something bad happens? Or will they kick him out after learning his secrets?

  • Anarchy's Demons
    26 4 1

    Johna Rose Teller is the princess of Samcro. The daughter of Gemma Teller-Morrow and John Teller, born just months after John's death. She was raised by Gemma and Clay Morrow with the help of her big brother, Jackson "Jax" Teller until the age of 6, when they sent her to a boarding school in Tacoma, Washington for her...

  • You Belong to Me (a Juice Ortiz Erotica)
    41 5 5

    After the gruesome and bloody massacre of the Sons of Anarchy Redwood Originals by the vicious One Niners MC, Juan Carlos"Juice" Ortiz is devastated by the deaths of the large number of brothers....becoming cold, bitter, and vengeful. Along comes a brother and sister from the South Dakota chapter of the Sons: Dwayne...

  • Her own Coven | Witches of New Orleans.
    155 13 4

    What do most people think first when they hear the word witch ? Red hair, pale skin, myth, pure evil. Some make fun of them, others fear them. But now, in the twenty-first century, most people no longer believe that there are people like that. But there are, and a girl named Aurora was one of them. As the daughter of...

  • Lucky number 13. // Sons of anarchy
    15.1K 408 10

    Mazikeen Robinson was the daughter of samcro memeber, Chibs Telford. When Chibs and her mother, Winter Robinson, fell in love he left Winter heartbroken and angry. Winter left Charming and moved to NYC only to find out later that she was pregnant to the man she hated. She found protection from a man named Damon Pope...

  • The Truth About Mila | Mayans M.C.
    663 31 3

    "She was delicate and pure; something he had never seen before. Her eyes dance with light and her smile eased his mind. Beauty and grace. She meant the world to him. Away from the chaos and hurt." Johnny "Coco" Cruz grew up in a rough world. His mother the town whore and his father no where to be seen. Things were nev...

  • Anguish » Daryl Dixon
    273 36 10

    Willow and Jodie Hunter found themselves trapped in a new world order. Everywhere the sisters may turn, cold rotten hands reach out for their flesh. Threatening their lives and moral compass. Survival is their first priority. Finding a way to fit in, is their salvation. Can the sisters save one another from harm or wi...