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  • Immortal Bite
    24 18 1

    There's a hilarious new boy in Los Angeles and he has everybody talking. Stunningly smart and devastatingly strong, all the girls want him. However, Siddharth Nigam has a secret - he's an arrogant vampire. Avneet Kaur is a courageous, sexy girl who enjoys hiking. She becomes fascinated by Siddharth who can stop Venemo...

  • India to America: Journey of a High School Student
    1.3K 261 22

    I am using Avneet Kaur and Siddharth Nigam as my main example in this novel. Avneet sharma Jai Sharma Siddharth pandey

  • Raabta
    1.4K 273 20

    Hola ppl, I'm Pratibha Sharma... This story is of a sweet & happily living family " Mittals " But one day their past hits them so hard... It is kinda suspenseful, humorous, lil bit romantic, & emotional story, this story describes the struggle of girl who lost her mother when she was just 12 yrs old, she had to f...

  • Besties or lovers
    1.2K 292 17

    hi guys .. so this a sidneet fanfiction , it is a story about how 2 besties turn in lovers but it now a cliche romantic story it contains mystery and horror too...enjoy and do let me know whether u like it or not

  • Crazy BFF's
    2.9K 739 21

    Friends like family.... A saga of friendship,love, competition and adventures. Peep in to know

  • tale of love 💕💕💘
    3.2K 467 26

    a siddneet fanfic for siddneet shippers peep into know further 😉 Ratings 💕💖💞 #5siddneet=09/07/2019 #17siddharthnigam=09/07/2019 #19avneetkaur=09/07/2019 #6abhisheknigam=09/07/2019 #7vaishnavirao=09/07/2019 #3tunishasharma=09/07/2 #4jaijeetsingh=09/07/2019 #15sidneet=09/07/2019

  • Is It Love???
    857 97 4

    Peep in to know more!!!!

    537 98 7

    " Opposite Clash.. opposite attracts too!!! " But this story proves it wrong... Avneet Sharma falls in love with the Siddharth Tendulkar the boy with same level of ego and attitude like hers... In this story the opposite won't attract it will be the Similar which will attract.. This love story is a bit different and...

  • RAABTA: A broken love Story
    825 162 6

    Accidents happens... But what if they change somes life... What if they take someone's life... What if they make you loose... Your self confidence Your Dreams Your Passion Your own identity Your real self Your smile What if they make you blam... What can happen next!!! It is easy to over come it....

  • The Tainted Star - Sidneet
    3.9K 731 31

    A Sidneet fan fiction read the prologue to know the plot 😇

  • Love You Forever ❤❤(A Sidneet Fanfic ❤❤)
    1.5K 178 8

    Siddharth nigam... A ruthless mafia. Can do anything for his family. From a very renowned and famous underground mafia family. Loves his mom and bro. Reads in Mukesh ambani private college. Hides his identity of being a mafia. Does not believe in love... until he meets Avneet kaur❤❤ Avneet kaur... Ruthless fashionista...

    31.5K 2.7K 49

    Peep in to know

  • ➳You're My Sunshine ✦COMPLETED✦ #Wattys2019
    12.6K 1.7K 65

    ❝He Loved her. She loved him. But destiny had planned something else for them.❞ A month back to India for attending a friend's wedding changed Avneet's life forever. Follow her roller coaster journey from love to Misunderstandings. Beautiful & creative cover credit goes to @Psycho_Simmy ❤ Starring: Siddharth Nigaam A...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Like A Dream COME TRUE_Sidneet
    9.8K 1.1K 29

    I love you , not for now, but for ALWAYS, he said staring at her as if his life depended on it. Those three words , fluttered my heart. And finally, I feel like I have found a love that makes me feel confident, a love which makes me feel strong, a love for which I could give up anything and everything. Being someone...

  • ➸Love Again? #Wattys2019
    7.3K 1.2K 32

    The beautiful and creative Cover credit goes to @thatgirlatthecorner #1 in FaisalKhan #1 in JannatZubair #1 in Reem #1 in Jannat #1 in Siddneet #1 in Siddreem #1 in Avneet #1 in Sidd #2 in AvneetKaur #3 in Siddharth Nigam #16 in Coldhearted #67 in Father #109 in Indian #128 in Lust All the rankings based on...

  • The BABY Project???
    2.1K 251 11

    Wanna know? Then peep inside 😉

  • Tere Ho Gaye Hain Hum...... I have become Yours... SidNeet SS
    580 56 6

    This short story is inspired by the movie Hum dil de chuke sanam.

    2.2K 320 10

    16 dost aur unki kahani

    3K 494 25

    Rankings 💋💋💋💋💋💋 Date 20/5/19 #1 roshniwalia #3 sumedh #3 vishaljethwa #4 vaishnavirao #5 tunishasharma #6 faisalkhan #6 ashnoorkaur #7 anushkasen #8 Sidneet 🤘 #16 siddharthnigam💋 #16 avneetkaur 💋 #90 naina #93 sameer School Days are the best ................. When a perfect day has a company of perf...

  • Unconfessed love
    2.8K 373 22

    Completing each other . The two incomplete souls gives each other reason to live. Peep in to know more

    627 128 6

    Peep into know

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P
    4.8K 584 36

    Masti,Drama,Yaariyan,Friendship,Fantasy,Ups and Downs. All together will make this story more interesting Thank you so so so much guys at last i had got 500+ views #14 in avneet kaur # 9 in pyar # 1 in hina khan #3 in reem shaikh #13 in shivangi joshi # 15 in Siddharth nigam # 7 in sidneet Love you guys 💋

  • Friends to Family ( Sumellika - Sidreem - Faijan )
    784 100 11

    Ragav with tears: bhabi, i did a big mistake. I shouldn't Janvi with tears: no Ragav, you did this to save Sia. Also, you both love each other na. Ragav: but bhabi, trust me. I just wanna stop that marriage and save her. But out of anger i married her. I broke the trust of our parents. Because of me they will misunde...

  • love too perfect
    5.7K 565 12


  • Twist In Tales
    661 83 5

    Fantastic 8 A group of 8 teenagers They struggles Fun moment And life...

  • up's and Down's of Life.
    2K 361 12

    Let us go on an adventure of the Ups and Downs of two bffs and their loves. Four different people related to each other in different ways with various past and problems. Will it be easy to fall and accept each other due to their problems? Preya- The apple of her mom and her friends eyes Neya- the diamond of her pare...

  • The Summer Of Love
    3.4K 812 14

    Avneet Agarwal is a nerdy girl as everyone is seeing her. She has recently come from India and joined Hampton high. She is hiding herself due to some grave past of hers. She tries to be the two goody pairs but ends up being one of the harassed girls all thanks to the Queen B, she has become famous in school. Siddhart...