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  • BABTQFTIM - Memories
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    【HIGHEST RANKING - #1 IN CUPHEAD】It seemed as if things would never change. (Y/N) would always be the dull toy of the school, thrashed around for the entertainment of others. Ridiculed and teased by other students, it would never stop. He devoted all his time to watch her suffer and scrunch up in pain every day. He en...

  • Hello There, Pup. (Babqftim!Bendy x reader)
    40.8K 1.2K 25

    You are a wolf toon (kinda like Boris) and the younger sister of both Mickey and Oswald, you work in Mickey's traveling circus as a trick shooter. From shooting apples off people's heads to pinning them with bullets to a wall, you've done it all without fail, you are extremely talented as you have been training since...

  • Daydream 》one-shots
    116K 3.1K 79

    For multiple Fandoms • Teen Wolf • Avengers/Marvel • The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals • The Maze Runner series • Harry Potter Series • Shadowhunters series • Star Wars Series • The Walking Dead • Fear of the Walking Dead • Twilight •Hunger Games •Sons Of Anarchy • Shameless • Real Life

  • Miss you {BendyStraw}{Read Description}
    2K 111 11

    {This story follows Bendy, Boris, Felix, Cuphead, and Mugman after the Quest for the Ink Machine had failed. I suggest you go on Tumblr and read it before you read this.} It had been years since the Ink machine quest had failed. Felix being Felix decided to take Bendy and Boris under his wing as protege adventurers an...

  • One Last Time {Infidget Fanfic} BEING REWRITTEN 3/15
    15.5K 65 4

    Gadget finds Infinite injured after the war, and tends to his wounds until he's recovered. During the few months Gadget helps him, Infinite develops feelings for him. Will Gadget feel the same way?

  • dangerous (Boris X Mugman)
    34.6K 1.2K 36

    Ever since the quest had ended, Boris has been living life in the shadows of his brother. Bendy had changed, constantly filling Boris with fear. will Mug be able to save Boris from his living nightmare? Really proud of this book

  • burned
    18 0 2

    new people its a bendy x cuphead thing there and yea enjoy my children

  • Bendy and the ink machine x Child reader
    53.4K 775 10

    Your dad gets a mail from Joey and he brings you with him to the workshop Little Did you know that they want revenge for being abandoned.

  • •i love him!• (babtqftim) bendy x female reader
    8.4K 214 11

    (y/n) and her (sister or brother) *I'm sorry if your a only child* were looking for the ink machine because y/n was you meet two boys Boris and..... bendy //cover not mine

  • Bendy x cuphead *Apocalypse*
    15K 450 20

    *Ok so I am shit at stories!!! This is my first story on Wattpadd sooo enjoy if ya can I guess (am good with spelling words it's just full stop and commas and shit so ENJOY!!)* (An apocalypse is where the world gets ruled over by zombies or something) *some pics belong to thegreatrouge on tumblr ?*

  • BATIM Boris X Child!Reader
    46K 1.1K 15

    You are (Y/n), you are a 6 year old girl. Your mother nor father could take care of you. So, they left you at an old abandoned studio when you were an infant.. that's how your story began.. (COMPLETED)

  • Digimon x Reader (On-Hold)
    10.1K 134 7

    Hey if your looking for a story that puts u with the gang in the first generation and go on the same journey as them then read this!

  • Digimon Loud
    23.8K 496 42

    Lincoln is drawn to the digital world and finds a new friend.

  • bendy x cuphead
    16.7K 280 15

    This is story about love betwen Bendy and cuphead...hope you guys enjoy

  • Sonic boom adventures Episode 1 Brothers reunited
    11K 203 7

    In a place called möbius long ago Queen Aleena had 3 babies you knew as Sonic, Sonia, and Manic, but what you didn't know was that there was two other children she had. Now Sonic will find out that two of his rivals are actually his brothers???!!!

  • Return to Adventure Bay {2}
    3.6K 109 12

    [Book 2 of Running to the Rescue] Two months after finally leaving Adventure Bay and the horrible nightmare they have gone trhough, Marshall and Chase had started a new life in a nearby city. It was Christmas. The day it came in... the call. Marshall and Chase are needed back in Adventure Bay for an investigation. ...

  • The truth comes out
    4.8K 108 9

    In this story (it's my first one sorry if it's bad) Chase experiences a strange feeling for Marshall that he can't really explain and when he finds out what it is he is star struck and so is Marshall. (Thank you for reading if you do, you really make my day and I hope I make yours. Please comment what your thoughts a...

  • [S2] Who Tells Your Story {3} (END)
    588 24 7

    (The short finale) Swift is now a part of the new PAW Patrol. Adventure Bay is back. But... Two important pups go missing. And it's up to her and the others to find them. They get unexpected help on the way. Now it's her job to find the pups, and to remind the citizens what the PAW Patrol really is as they try to take...

  • Running to the Rescue {1}
    5.3K 187 12

    It started to what seemed to be a calm day in Adventure Bay. But Chase, the German Shepherd, had woken up to something different. It was dark and gloomy. All of the puphouses were gone. And his friends were no where in sight. After investigating the inside of the Lookout, Chase found his best friend, Marshall the Dal...

  • Paw Patrol : Always [Book 2]
    8.7K 112 10

    Do not read this until you have read the previous book,'Paw Patrol : Do You Trust Me?'Because this is the sequel to that. Sorry about the title to all the Potterheads out there... Always. A word not to be uttered if you won't do it. Always is a Light. A light that signifies that you will be there. A light that protect...

  • A fire chasing me by heart (Chase x Marshall)
    15.5K 178 17

    After a mission chase gets this weird feeling looking at Marshall. Will chase confess or will Marshall confess first... you will only know if you read (will make daily if possible) the art in this book is not mine

  • The Fire Inside Of Me
    20.9K 637 11

    My first ever PAW Patrol story. A certain fire pup goes missing, so a certain police pup springs into action to get his best friend back. But something is shifting inside of Chase, and it has to do with how he truly feels about Marshall. What's this fire burning inside him? WARNING: Somehow my chapter order got messed...

  • [Completed-Finished Editing]Do You Trust Me?
    25.7K 512 28

    ◼️Paw Patrol : Do You Trust Me?◼️ ||A Fan-Fiction made by Shuichi_Kurama|| Can you really love if you can't trust someone? Love is like any other structure You need the foundation - Friendship The core - trust And the support - love you can love without trust...Don't make me laugh Do you really think you can love with...

  • Paw Patrol: Vacancy
    23K 634 15

    Marshall is turned down by Chase and broken. Now he has a vacancy in his heart. He meets a new pup and they seem to have a lot in common. When Chase becomes jealous knowing the Dalmatian has found someone new that makes him happy, he begins to spy on the two and mettle. In Chase's mind he doesn't have feelings for Mar...

  • Chasing after a Fire
    31.5K 772 20

    Hey guys this is a Chase X Marshall story and will not involve any of the feeling from my other stories this one is just separate on its own. So for those of you who ship this your welcome and for those of you who hate this ship then suck it up!!! I will work on this story as much as I can cause I have about two other...

  • Fire In My Eye
    402 15 3

    Gummy(gumdramon) is an ordinary digimon high school student with extraordinary ability. She can create/control scarlet flames with her eye. Since she can't control her power very well, she chose to wear an eyepatch over her eye that turned crimson. And because of her eyepatch and due to the fact that she is an orphan...

  • Marshall x Chase: His Heart
    21K 488 5

    Everyone knows Chase likes Skye, I mean obviously....right? No, Chase actually likes his best friend Marshall, however he's extremely good at hiding it. As for Marshall, also good at hiding his feelings for the police pup. Will they finally admit and be together?

  • Human Digimon~Xros Wars FanFic~REDO IN A DIFFERENT BOOK
    453 19 16

    (Is tied to "The corrupted Digimon King") During a battle with a digimon,Gumdramon and Shoutmon gets him by a beam of light turning them into humans.They still have the digimon features but only some. Will they able to keep it a secret?Will they turn back to normal?....What happens when it get exposed? Disclmer:I d...

  • Digimon Xros Heart Strikes Back!
    2.2K 48 3

    Tagiru, Taiki, and Yuu, along with their friends, have successfully got rid of the stray Digimon left behind after the final battle with Quartzmon. A year has passed since then. But now, a new hardship has formed without warning. Not only does this force bring trouble to the human world but, our warriors can not fight...

  • Shoutmon and Gumdramon one-shots
    8K 98 20

    Just a bunch of one-shots of my favorite digimon couple. Enjoy! I take requests as well.