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  • Vitality [Teaser]
    484 107 12

    Trust is a word that can easily be broken through breath, but survival is a word that can only be broken by death. Nikolas Clover's goal was to keep his family safe as they joined the Advors, a group of humans against the Resinix alien race. However escaping from the Proditors, a group of humans who standby the Resini...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sen
    1.3K 368 54

    Earth is in trouble. The Zanchee can help. But will they? Is it Sen? Zanchee projections show a terrorist will set off a nuclear bomb near LA with catastrophic results, but their laws prohibit intervention. Axel, the teenage son of the Zanchee leader, refuses to accept the inevitable and risks everything to stop it...

  • Strake Woods ||Ongoing||
    1.1K 98 10

    *Winner of the 2019 Hidden Gems Awards!!* (W A R N I N G: Deals with Bullying , which may trigger some) - Two things happened last summer as far as anyone is concerned : 1. Marayah Lockhart agreed to go to Strake Woods with Salem Adams and Jack Park. 2. Salem Adams and Jack Park went missing in Strake Woods, Maraya...