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  • A perfect groom
    21.5K 1.7K 17

    Hai... Peep in to know the story

  • Relations...(Completed)
    144K 9.6K 50

    Anika Singh Raizada, the only sister of 5 brothers treats her like their own daughter is living as a middle-class girl for 6 months..........and there she meets the one and only Shivaay Singh Oberoi Their won't be any villains if there is then they are just for making fun(no kidnapping,murder and all).......No NKK...

  • ❤Missed Me, Sweetheart?❤✔✔
    232K 23.8K 58

    This story is about Shivaay and Annika who got separated because of annika. When they meet after seven years, shivaay plans to take revenge from her. How will the love blossom again? Just peep into it to know... Credit for the extremely beautiful cover goes to my very own @SSO_8389 aka my tutu aka Mrs. VijayD (only in...

  • Aashiqui Do tadpate dilo ki kahani
    19.4K 1.1K 41

    : Story based on only Shivika rebirth and others r chatactters of the story .How destiny reunite them after rebirth .#ShivikaRebirth journey full of intense ,emotions,n romance .and different from #Ibpart1.Hope you guys like it .Please comment under it .

    Completed   Mature
  • When they meet again
    34.6K 3K 24

    There are two business men, Mr Shakti & Mr trivedi. Both r best friends. Mr shakti have 1 son named Shivaay. Mr trivedi have 2 daughters named Annika & gauri. Shivaay & Annika were best friends. They played together when they were small. Both got separated when Annika's father migrated to USA. After many years, Annika...

  • Trust we share . Trust we have (COMPLETED)
    226K 14.9K 84

    Hey guys . I m really a big fan of ishqbaaz , this show always make my day . Though this show is best but I felt that shivaay never trusted Annika . So I thought to write the fan faction based on trust which is shown by Shivay to his lady love . And will try to add rikara n ruvya seens to. This story starts from the...

  • Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar
    6.1K 429 8

    Its all abt shivika

  • ❤Shivika- Short Stories❤
    47.9K 3.7K 14

    This book is all about short stories on our favourite couple shivika. They might be one shots or two shots. Thank you @SSO_8389 for such a beautiful cover. I loved it❤

  • Endless Tears✔
    168K 15.9K 51

    A girl who dreamt of a husband who will love her till infinite . but what will happens when her all dream will killed by her family Who will make her marry with her own sister's fiance ... if u wanna learn more then peep inside

    Completed   Mature
  • My L❤ ve Story
    5.7K 468 8

    cover credits @ImLilMissComplicated peep into the story

    151K 8.6K 99

    #7 highest so far Cover credits @Jannu_ The stroy starts after the seperation and there starts the jounery .... Rikara and ruvya will be there ,but shivika will share a little more lime light .

  • Don't leave me
    57.3K 3.4K 15

    This story stars from when pinky try to frame anika n anika try to tell shivay bt he didn't trust her. Bt what will happen if anika will mate with an accident n she lost her memory n forget shivay, n try to level him. so what he will do to get her back in his life. just peep inside. 😉😉

  • We meet again
    115K 6.7K 36

    It's a shivika story Hope you like it??? Peep in to know more Best Ranking #1ansh. #1sso #1 shivaaysinghoberoi #1 asso #2 leap #3 anika

  • A True Love Story
    127K 16.4K 152

    #6 in sacrifice on 13-08-19 #88 in fanfiction on 13-06-18 #119 in fanfiction on 02-06-18 #248 in fanfiction on 27-11-17 #380 in fanfiction on 11-11-17 #474 in fanfiction on 04-11-17 #536 in fanfiction on 30-10-17 #603 in fanfiction on 27-10-17 Hey guys, this story is all about a life of a girl ' Annika ' , so you wil...

  • Shivika Redux SS: Kaise Bataye...(Completed)
    86.1K 7.7K 28

    A Shivika SS that deals with the the story of Shivaay and Annika right after the Forced Marriage.... This is a story where Annika finds her identity on her own...And stands strong against the people who have wronged her.... A story where Shivaay realizes the consequences of his actions on the person he had wrongly a...

  • Hum Mar Jaaenge
    15.7K 788 7

    Rudra,nhi mai shivaay ke saamanai nhi aa sakti , said Annika Shivaay , tumne ek Kohinoor ko chod kar ek gande kaale patthar ko chuna hai , said janhvi Shivaay , agar aap tooth jaate toh mai mar jaati , said Annika P.S. - THERE'S NO RAGINI OM IS IN COMA BHAVYA IS KIDNAPPED

  • Secrets to be revealed
    4.9K 238 7

    It starts from the forced marriage track. What if forced marriage drama is only for anika? What if whole oberoi clan knows that anika is under the veil?? What will be shivaay's motive to marry anika? Was it just love or lust from shivaay side for anika? What will anika do?? What would be anika's reaction on knowing t...

    9.7K 197 4

    This is shivika sapration base story

  • Dil Se Dil Tak
    97.6K 5.8K 83

    #87 in fan-fiction on 17/04/18 #138 in fan-fiction on 13/04/18 This story is based on my fav show ishqbaaz. It includes the love among siblings and family. it shows the eternal love between the famous couples shivika, rikara, ruvya, and priveer. This story portrays the connection b/n hearts.

  • The Ishqbaazians
    4.8K 159 7

    Hello Friends . These is a fun book which is full of Humour and funny side of our all time favourite couples Shivika , Rikara and Ruvya.

  • Love of our life
    260K 25.7K 99

    Hmm, so description about "Love of our life", it's a simple love story. But not just between the main lead but it's about a mother and daughter love, a father's affection, a brother's protectiveness, boyfriend's possessiveness with lots of love. It's about a girl who is lucky to have been loved by one and all. This...

  • Misunderstanding, a shivika story
    4.5K 399 7

    What happens when annika misunderstands shivaay due to ragini post seperation? what will happen if then shivaay's life is in danger, can annika save him?

  • Never Turn back ANIKA
    125K 9.7K 40

    This story concentrates on shivaay and anika separation track where shivaay came to know that HARSHAVARTHAN TRIVEDI is not anika's dad. its the trick of roop bua to cover anika and to roast her against oberois. little knowledge about anything anika absconded and the story continues after 6 years of separation where sh...

  • ISHQ
    155K 10K 39

    This is Shivaay and Annika's story in a defferent way. In the real #ishqbaaaz story they have came a long way. And married again. But this story starts after Shivaay rescued Annika from the clutches of Daksh. Annika forgave Shivaay as he saved her life. Now she is decided to help Shivaay to get rid of Tia. Shivaay is...

  • Jalkukda-Jealousy Ishqbaaaz Shots[√]
    28.9K 1.3K 13

    Advay Raizada has come to Mumbai for some work. He got some time to spare and thought of visiting his friend Shivaay Singh Oberoi and surprise that smartass of a friend. What happens when he meets Anika there and how Shivaay reacts seeing his chuddy buddy Advay flirting with his wife?

  • Love At First Sight.
    670K 65.7K 165

    "It's not easy to believe in love at first sight until that special person comes along and steals your heart. Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle." Anika's pov : "Ok then your dare is to go that person who is standing...

    Completed   Mature
  • We meet again!! [completed]
    380K 21.7K 85

    #38 in fanfiction (24/12/17) #24 in fanfiction (31/12/17) #17 in fanfiction (1/1/18) Its a story abt our fav couple shivika❤️ What happens when life again brings shivaay and annika in front of each other after 1 year seperation Plz give it a read

  • My Heart Beats For You (A ShivIka SS) ||✓||
    35.9K 1.7K 9

    What happens when ShivIka's life takes an unexpected turn? #ishqbaaz #ShivIka Cover by @ImLilMissComplicated

  • The Way Back To You (Raabta Season 2)☑
    134K 10.6K 71

    When Love is stronger than death..

    Completed   Mature
  • Shivika- The Hidden Truth
    10.6K 530 8

    what happens when sso turns into jso after watching annika romance with someone else?