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  • Project: Hedgehog
    2.5K 170 9

    Project: Hedgehog Both Shadow and Sonic were "born" on the Space Colony ARK as projects/experiments. They were originally for the use of being heros and we not to show emotion, as it would mess with the tests. But soon, these specimens find their forbidden feelings... but for each other. But before they can figure thi...

  • Strum Of Pain[Sonadow]
    11.5K 414 8

    {Sonic Boom Universe} [Warning's! Boy×Boy, swearing, violence, potential smut, suicide\cutting] Sonic always had problems with himself. Never liked how he looked or acted even though he seemed like he did. When he was with anyone he had always just faked his happiness. The blue hedgehog had been like this for years...

  • succ// sonadow oneshots
    13.1K 518 24

    "Why the feck my pp hard?" "Probably because you've been listening to sonadow asmr all day." Sonadow oneshots for the mind and soul. Every chapter is smut, sometimes its loving, sometimes its kinky, sometimes its forced. These were written with the intent to explore different kinks or just write some good ass porn wi...