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  • Journey To The OtherWorld
    1.4K 200 25

    Anushka Chawan, your normal 22 year old office worker with an insatiable thirst for the paranormal. Lara, her dainty -co worker and best friend who bought some colors into Anushka's dull life. But what happens when a hauntingly beautiful girl enters their life, blinded my lust and wrath, and coerces Anushka on a miss...

  • Poetry by Kris
    858 210 15

    A collection of poems about different characters from my many stories. Some of the poems may be about characters from stories I have not shared yet because I thought this may be an interesting way to describe and introduce them. I hope you enjoy. =)

  • How To Fanfic
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    Who doesn't love Wattpad guides, huh? Huh? Huhhh?!! (Not me.) Here's some ideas on how to get started on the most popular art on Wattpad (You guessed it! Poetry -_-)