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  • Click Life (Lazarbeam × Reader)
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    Y/n L/n attends a school for people who want to start a YouTube channel. It's called Tube High School. There is a boy that goes to school there. She finds a strong attraction to him. She is also in a group with six others. They are all funny as hell! When they all graduate, they move in together, starting their own Yo...

  • Love and Trust
    533 27 12

    This is a Muselk x reader story once again because I can't help it🐼 You have lived in Australia for far too long and are looking for a place to move. While on a plane to LA you meet someone you don't really like at first but grow to love him. You later figure out that he was once the one you had the biggest crush on...

  • Miss me yet? (Muselk x Reader)
    6.7K 104 46

    You just moved to Sydney Australia and didn't have a place to stay. You meet a young man named Elliot your relationship grows from there but will it last? #4- pretigeclips