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  • True Match
    142 21 3

    In a world where finding your True Match is inevitable, Kristof Potens never expected his connection to Ava Amore to be so strong. From the moment their eyes met, he knew she was worth his life and all that he had was hers for forever. However, no matter how hard others tried to keep them apart, the path always lead...

  • Come Undone
    649 58 5

    Life changed in an instant for Frankie James. Living with the ramifications of those changes propels her fractured world in a downward spiral. She lives hard and plays harder, and like a tornado, always leaves a path of destruction in her wake. Will anyone be able to tame her wild but broken spirit? Not if she has an...

  • The Summer Before
    1.2K 256 30

    Book 1: A story of firsts... and lasts... I always thought I knew what love was. I felt it and saw it my whole life. I had fallen in love before and had been burned by love in return. Loving Seth was different. I never questioned my feelings for him. I would never. Seth taught me things I didn't know I could feel and...

  • Nostalgia
    37 6 4

    After her grandma's death, Matilda is in a state of shock. She's living day after day, almost scared of enjoying anything. Until a mysterious stranger moves in the apartment next to her. He looks like trouble, but is it really what it looks like? Will he ever open up to her? And can Matilda start living her life again...