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  • More Than I Expected.
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    You meet a woman at a bar. You and this woman go to her house to hook up. Then her wife shows up out of nowhere and sees you making out on the couch. You think you're fucked and feel disgusted, but the night doesn't end as bad as you think it would've. ______________ (y/n g!p/Camren story)

  • Hello? (Camren/You)
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    2 killers... 1 girl... Y/n should have never answered the phone... Enjoy ;)

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    Prequel of Serendipity (Camila/You) • Let's rewind all the way back to the broke days where you ran up and down the streets of New York City. You're friends with Natalie Patterson and eventually you become friends with Amber Johnson and Erica Sanchez (Vanessa Moe). You'll be able to see how you all became a band and h...

  • Serendipity Camila/You
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    G!P you/also dominant you. Definition of G!P: you're a girl...and you got a dick __ You're in a band named Serendipity with your three friends Natalie, Amber, and Erica from New York City. Being new to the media but also going straight to the top can be a bit overwhelming. Especially if everyone is saying they have a...

  • Fifth Times a Charm You/Lauren/Camila
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    You know what they say, fifth times a charm. All Rights Reserved ©