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  • ★Drop pop candy★ (Shadonic)
    92 19 2

    "Your beautiful blue quills are driving me insane...and those peach lips of yours are just waiting to feel a soft peck..." This story is not only filled with cute scenes, but is also depressing at a few times. With Sonic's mother abusing him and his father using him for sex, Sonic's life gradually fell apart but he k...

  • Sonadow- Chapter 1- Say it Sonic!
    43.1K 1.1K 19

    When Sonic confesses his love to Shadow on a stormy night he makes a promies. A promise thet his lover would never lose him. Just as things seem to be going so very well... theres sudden infection in the water killing almost everyone! And an invador who's come for pay back.... Will Sonic be able to keep his promise? (...