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  • A Beauty In A Geek. (BTS Fanfic) CURRENTLY EDITING
    203K 6.3K 33

    She is pretty but chosed to hide her beauty behind those fake glasses. Later on she gets a job, being a makeup artist for Bts the famous rookie group. Sadly.. They hate her. Bts sees her without the bad image.. They don't recognize her & Jae Yoon is panicking. Will they find out? "Hey,We haven't met have we?" "You...

  • Are You The One? [A Jungkook Fanfiction]
    327K 12K 50

    " you are the only one " • hm ? • " yes, the only one " • what are you talking about ? • " my only one " Raina is just an ordinary girl from Japan but because of her father's work, she got moved to South Korea along with her family. Will she able to make friends there? Will she able to survive with the new people she...

  • Fated. (Completed)
    532K 15.6K 74

    (COMPLETED) (Jungkook fanfiction) Mia lives in a nightmare. she lived without her dad, but she does have a mum. one day, she left mia with a monstrous human being. He abuses her and never treat her like his child, ever. She didnt have a perfect life and she went to school like nothing ever happen. Thats when she met...

  • Different doesn't mean wrong
    24.5K 1K 28

    Being a girl who dislikes dresses, skirts, heels and makeup, you don't have any dating experience. You are also a one of a kind girl, who doesn't expect your boyfriend to do sweet stuff for you for example, giving you his jacket. Your character leads Jungkook, your classmate to fall for you slowly. How can this happen...

  • No one can break us apart (BTS Jungkook)
    324K 9.3K 67

    They love each other, they help each other, and they also promise each other that they'll be together in the future. But the accident happen, all of their plans were ruined in just one day. And now he love someone and he forgot about her already. What will happen to their relationship? Will they learn to love each oth...

  • Why is it You? [BTS Jungkook Fanfiction]
    346K 11K 39

    After Rian's mother died, she and her dad moved to Korea to start a new life. Attending Oaks Arts High, Rian knows only little Korean, is bullied often, and has one friend: Jinyoo. And when Jungkook starts attending this school, even more problem occurs for her. She later learns that even a stubborn and heartless girl...

  • You Make Me Crazy [BangtanBoys/BTS Jungkook]
    423K 11.4K 26

    You (Choi Yeon Seul) and Jeon Jungkook New School. New Life. But why does he make everything so difficult?

  • Lies (Suga/Min Yoongi) {ON HOLD}
    194K 7K 28

    A girl who has been an orphan all her life decides enough is enough. She runs away with her best friend to an abandoned factory, and lives there for 4 years. She would steal food, and clothes for survival. One day, on her weekly 'shopping' trip, she nearly gets arrested. Being the clever little thief she is, she stole...

  • If I was his Ms. Right {BTS JUNGKOOK FANFIC}
    7M 217K 53

    "It never came up to my mind to be with you, to you be my first kiss, and to fall for you. Because I wasn't your Ms. Right,-" he suddenly grabbed my waist that made my body be that near to him. He held my spine and passionately kissed me. "Just, shh... I didn't request any Ms. Right,"

    12.3K 685 7

    FOUR HOUSES is a short story about a teenage girl who finds herself in a field surrounded by four Victorian houses. Each home represents a different choice, and forces readers to wonder... Which house would you choose? Told in backward format, FOUR HOUSES is a chilling, fast-paced story with a delicious, twist endin...

  • Jealousy
    483K 18.1K 63

    [YALLLLL I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS LIKE 12 AND IM 15 (2017) NOW SO PLS READ WITH CAUTION!] Chan Mi's first impression on Jungkook was : A jerk. Knowing that, she has always hated his guts and so did he. But soon, everything turned the other way. Hate becomes love.

  • Brainwashed | A Jungkook, from BTS, FanFic
    654K 19.4K 46

    And you are? cover credit; exquisative

    1.5M 51.4K 90

    A fanfic short story/ imagine of a girl that escaped life's bitter reality and found a new world. But as she embraced the new environment and Independence she saw life's another face. Inspired by BTS's Visual Jin, Vocals Jimin and Leader Rapmon. PS. Im Suga biased tho. <3 Enjoy reading and please leave comment/sugges...

  • Slave to the Geek (Discontinued)
    12.4M 228K 24

    ~This story is being rewritten and is now called Love/Hate, link below:~ Rori Everhart is your typical nerd, with your typical glasses and typical grades. If you looked up the definition of Nobody in the dictionary you'd find a picture of Rori in her thick black framed...

  • Why me? (Austin Mahone)
    3.8M 58.9K 65

    Ashley Ridgell I was a simple girl with a simple life; father in the government, mother as a lawyer. My life was pretty good, almost perfect if you could call it that. I refused to leave, to move to another city, but I had to. I couldn't be that bad after all; new school, new friends, new life. It was a star over, at...

  • Beautiful Stranger | VIXX | Leo |
    8.2K 277 4

    ***DISCONTINUED :( *** He was a stranger. Yet from the first moment, you managed to fall for him. A VIXX Leo Fan Fiction.

  • ❝ all messed up ❞ // jung taekwoon.
    33.5K 973 27

    This is the Sequel to 'Sweethearts'. petty arguments and cold looks.

  • Disarmed love (Justin Bieber)
    1K 30 6

    "I feel weak, although I'm strong. I feel disarmed, although I'm holding a gun." He said. "It's called being in love, Justin." I replied. I heard his gun fall to the ground just before his strong hands were on my face, bringing my lips up to his.

  • Kidrauhl
    29.8K 687 7

    A normal eighteen year old girl who has been best friends with a known artist named Justin Bieber since diapers. She's secretly been crushing on him since the eighth grade yet never told Justin how she feels about him. Justin visits Stratford, Ontario for a small vacation and *yn* gets a "great" surprise. She finds ob...

  • My Stepbrother 2
    672K 14.3K 61

    Jess Rogers and Justin Bieber, their steamy yet romantic relationship continues as they face and overcome obstacles together. Does love really conquer all?

  • My Badboy Fairytale {Justin Bieber} [Sequel to He's Just...Different]
    969K 19.8K 48

    When you meet someone, someone who is different from everyone else. What would you do? Learn more about them or run. Kellie and Justin have been through hell and back, but their story isn't finished. Or is it? © LindzFrienz12 2013/2015 ©

    Completed   Mature
  • From Now On, You're Mine [VIXX FANFICTION] #Wattys2016
    130K 3.5K 47

    Jung Min A is a Jellyfish's CEO daughter and beloved sister to Sojung and Taekwoon (Leo). One day, Sojung has been accepted to be one of Polaris Entertainment's trainee so she has to leave Min A alone in the house for her career. Leo was concerned about his sister so he offered Min A to transfer into Vixx dorm where L...

  • The Runner (A Leo Vixx fanfic)
    8.3K 333 4

    There once was a boy who ran home from school everyday. Everyone called him "the runner". Haru was the only one to male friends with him before he suddenly disappeared. Years later, in a dark time in her life, she meets a boy who is strangely familiar to her. What could their connection possibly mean?

  • The Not-So-Cliche Cinderella Story (A VIXX FanFic) [DISCONTINUED]
    90.7K 2.1K 35

    "Sometimes I feel that running is all I have. When will I have to stop running? Maybe a flash of luck will drop out of the sky and then I won't have to run anymore?" My name is Gina and I am definitely not your average girl. I had been running away from my greedy relatives after my parent's death, leaving behind a lar...

  • Teacher Knows Best {{VIXX Fanfic}}
    32.7K 566 42

    Edwin Jones the American teacher in Seoul, gets an invite to help VIXX learn their English. How will Edwin enjoy their presence? How will they enjoy Edwin?

  • Opposites Attract (VIXX-keo fanfic)
    49.8K 1.4K 11

    Meet VIXX, a kpop boyband consisting of 6 members, N, Leo, Ravi, Ken, Hongbin and Hyuk. Not only are they band mates, but also best friends, they treat each other like family and love each other like brothers, but what happens when that brotherly love turns into something a little bit more for two of the members?

  • Married to Cha Hakyeon
    22.2K 712 19

    One day,you were working with Jellyfish and the 6 most cutest boys ever.And the next thing you know,you're married to your bias,Cha Hakyeon,will you and your bias be able to live a good life without problems?

  • Only One
    38.3K 1.7K 29

    VIXX Fanfiction: Only One Follow or Add this story to your library for updates. This is a VIXX Leo Fanfiction (EDITED: June 2016)

  • Trust Issues [Justin Bieber Love Story]
    2.4M 37K 48

    Sasha Skies was over getting her heart broken by boys she thought she loved. After getting dumped at prom she swears to herself that she will never fall for another boy until she finished high school. She changes her personality, not letting anything get to her feelings. But when Justin Bieber, the jock that plays gir...