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  • Valerian Empire [Featured Story]
    7.4M 376K 52

    [18+ ] "But he is a good man," she argued to see his eyes narrow at her words. "And I could be a bad man," he warned, "Until you're under my wing, I expect you to behave and listen to what I say. Do not let any man kiss you, Katherine. We don't want you falling into wrong hands like before so play along." "I'm not yo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Making Deals with the Billionaire (Completed)
    4.7M 108K 48

    He's a billionaire. She's a thief. He was inside the bathroom. She was running from the guards. The maid left his door open. She saw the open door, and what do you think she did next? Yes, she went inside and hid in his closet. League of Billionaire: Book 1 Demitrius Levin Crivelli Highest rank: #1 in General Fiction

  • Mr. Knight's Son
    985K 32.6K 50

    No LOVE is greater than that a FATHER'S LOVE for his SON- Alora Nicole Colley **** Another inspirational Story from Palibhasa_pusa ^^

  • RUTHLESS MEN SERIES #1-Hellion's Possession
    1.1M 39.4K 80

    Hellion Herrich Zy Zchneider, a Mafia Boss who's incapable of loving someone. Cold. Heartless. Killer. Ruthless. Devil. He was respected and feared by everyone. Can Alyona, a deaf-mute, shy and lonely girl tamed the cold-heartless Mafia Boss? READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! VERY MATURE CONTENT FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.fac...

  • My Wife Is A Mafia Boss
    235K 5.9K 47

    Note : This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, songs, places, events and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. -LouieJean♡ ×××× ( Short Story ) @2016 @Louie...

  • The Beauty is an AMAZON
    503K 13K 64

    Alexander Cody Mendoza; a handsome... sexy... rich hot guy who doesn't believe in love. He once felt it, but he got nothing but pain. He smokes... he fights... he drinks... he does everything a delinquent does. He's a beast. But suddenly... he met his BODYGUARD who is a hot AMAZON, Beauty. What will happen to them? An...

  • Held Captive
    118K 4.2K 87

    THE THIEF SHALL NOT ESCAPE UNPUNISHED. Eve Williams is one of the top agents in Safronov agency. Her goal is simple: To be the best and the greatest premier agent Safronov agency have ever had. But everything changes when she made a one, simple, and stupid mistake. She was only given an easy task: To give a no...

  • Pretty but Deadly
    217K 8.1K 54

    If you loathe cliché action stories, then this might be the book you've been looking for.

    Completed   Mature
  • His Blue Eyed Bad Girl Angel (Sinner or Saint)
    2.3M 49.5K 58

    Good and kind hearted Angela pormised Dylan Santiago na hihintayin nya ang pagbabalik nito. Kasabay ng pangakong iyon ay ang pangako rin na matutunan nya na lumaban at ipagtanggol ang kanyang sarili sa mga umaapi sa kanya. She Promised... ...But Dylan never came back. Broken hearted but want to be with Dylan again...

  • Alkia Kingdom: Beyond the Ranking Quest
    1.4M 57.9K 59

    [This is a Virtual Reality MMORPG Story]{Online Game} Denise Raven was one of the top players when it comes to MMORPG Online Games. She received a very tempting invitation for a competition and accepted it. She enjoyed the game and met some of the best gamers too. But there's something more. She was able to discover t...

  • My Husband is a Mafia Boss (Season 2)
    68.9M 1.4M 49

    ******Please read Season 1 before this :)****** <3

  • The Jerk is a Ghost
    6.8M 305K 32

    Sikat siya at hindi ka niya kilala. Kaya bakit sa dami ng taong nakapaligid sa kanya, ikaw na walang kamalay malay ang minumulto niya? THE JERK IS A GHOST. Genre: Fantasy Teen Fiction Romance Adventure Written by: april_avery

  • My Husband is a Mafia Boss
    131M 2.3M 67

    Si Girl - may pagka-childish, slowpoke, exaggerated mag-isip, accident prone, sweet, mabait, super friendly, hindi nauubusan ng energy, positive thinker pag dating sa mga problema. Si Guy - mature, seryoso, hindi ngumingiti, bossy, masungit, snob, magaling mag-handle ng mga bagay, a perfect decision maker, hindi nakik...

    Completed   Mature
  • Secretly Married (Completed, 2011)
    79.9M 914K 88

    Language: Filipino Started in July 2011 | Finished in December 2011 Published in English (Pop Fiction, 2013) Adapted in Indonesian (Penerbit Haru, 2016 & 2018) Blurb: Phoebe Bernal shares a secret with one of the biggest stars in the country, Kent Fuentabella. Their secret? They've been secretly married. Of course, no...