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  • Harry Potter A Second chance
    62.1K 889 9

    The war is over, however not all went to plan. Many died. Too many. Harry and his friends are some of the few survivors of the Order of the Phoenix, and after the war, attempt to live normal lifes. However, it seems fate doesn't want them to.

  • Conversations with Teddy
    9.8K 376 11

    We have many conversations throughout life, interesting ones, boring ones, hurtful onse, some full of jokes, some...more somber. Talks of love, betrayal, pure madness and misery. But it's the ones with Harry, Teddy remembers most. Care to take a peek?

  • To Love Harry's Heart [Harry Potter Fanfiction] (The Potters: 1)
    204K 6.8K 39

    [Completed] (Fanfiction/Romance) Harry Potter knew he had done the right thing. Every person he loved and cared about was in terrible danger. He couldn't, wouldn't allow anyone else to die because of him or even worse, for him; especially her. Now, after living seventeen years meant to fulfill his destiny, Harry final...

  • Harry's Future
    369K 4.7K 49

    This is the first of several 'book's that form a fairly Canon bridge between the last chapter of Deathly Hallows and the Epilogue 19 years later.

  • Surprise
    4.3K 99 6

    Ron and Hermione's relationship is full of surprises, just like any other relationship. Read about them in this Romione Fanfiction.

  • Hope Has Returned
    274K 8.5K 65

    A Hinny fanfic that takes place after the second wizarding war