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  • Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them (Winner Watty Award 2014)
    11M 464K 45

    "Everyone knows mermaid blood is like vampire crack ..." Right before her senior year, mermaid Waverly Marie Fishwater's parents inform her they're moving to the Bay Area in Northern California. She's to attend a cross-cultural experimental high school. The major problem is that it's a vampire school, and mermaid bloo...

  • The Blood Bender & The Three Vampire Princes.
    77.9K 3.4K 25

    Sofia Jones is a 19 year old works in the castle as a maid. Her parents were killed when she was very young. Sofia was treated very badly by the other servants but secretly she's a blood bender. When she comes face to face with the Queen's sons, her mates. What will her life be like when there is war?

  • Abused And Saved By My Vampire Mate. Now I'm Out For Revenge.
    86.9K 4K 17

    Ever since Angel's mom died, her father the Alpha of Dark Knight pack started to abuse her. To keep his reputation he would pay unmated pack members to have sex with her. Whenever she refuses, they would drug her and rape her when she is unconscious. She ran away and found her mate a Vampire. Now she's half vampire h...

  • Fangs and Claws
    1.4M 28.1K 33

    18 year old Avril is a half vampire-half human girl that in an atempt to meet the only human family she have; her grandpa, she decides to travel behind her dad's back.She has never been able understand why she isn't allowed to meet her grandpa face to face. When Avril arrives to his grandpa's town, she discover that t...

  • Nerd Fangs
    446K 13.7K 42

    *Don't read unless you like a lot of grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and a cliche plot.*

    Completed   Mature