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  • King's Wife
    9.4M 191K 35

    Meet Mia - Brilliant, but dorky, she wants a divorce from her "in-name-only" husband so she can get on with her life. Meet Damian - He was once popular and successful, but now he's fallen from everyone's graces, including his own. Will Damian give Mia what she wants? Or will they both get what they need? Follo...

  • Polynatural-Book 1
    77.2K 2.1K 42

    Arrogant, beautiful, fearless. Lacey Gordan is a top polynatural of The Society. With her deadly supernatural skills and cold heart, she can take on any mission. That is until she gets put on one that unravels her hidden past, threatens her life, and worst of all, challenges her heart as she is torn between two dead s...

  • The Death of Us All
    84 7 3

    Two ancient immortals rage a dangerous game, the game of life and death. Life seemed to be winning; families flourished, the population soared, but then Death revealed his ace; a curse that imposes every baby’s’ death before their birth. Katherine has already become a pawn in the Immortal’s game, her destiny decided...

  • The Changed
    96 3 2

    Smart and rebellious sixteen-year-old 307 is one of the Changed. Living in a girls' facility since she was taken from a family she barely remembers at the age of nine, 307 and the others who experience the Change -- the next step in human evolution -- are subject to endless experimentation. Finally fed up with the way...

  • True Born
    454K 8.1K 11

    Hey, Wattpad! I"M GIVING AWAY 10 DAYS OF TRUE BORN! Since you are the reason True Born has gone from a tiny novella to a full-length novel in a trilogy, it seems only fitting that I give back to you with a special sneak peak! True Born is hitting stores May 3rd, but I wanted to give you all a chance to see how the m...