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  • Anni Moon
    388K 13.3K 54

    Fantasy, adventure, and mystery converge in this new middle-grade series perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Fablehaven. Anni doesn't know about Elementals, Funk, Zephyrs, excited talking Bat-Rat creatures, and, least of all, Dragons. When her best friend is kidnapped, they are both pulled into the El...

  • Summoner: The Novice (Book 1) SAMPLE OF NOW PUBLISHED BOOK
    7.2M 204K 83

    SAMPLE OF PUBLISHED BOOK THAT WAS FIRST WRITTEN ON WATTPAD. Fletcher was nothing more than a humble blacksmith's apprentice, when a chance encounter leads to the discovery that he has the ability to summon demons from another world. Chased from his village for a crime he did not commit, he must travel with his demon t...

  • Shoot Me Down
    412K 30K 34

    "I am going to haunt you forever." That's the promise that Breanne makes her killer. He cannot dump her body in the river and simply have his crime washed away. The detectives assigned to her case can't seem to pin anything on him, and her parents are beginning to believe the lies he tells. But Breanne is going to mak...

  • Manipulate (Book 1, Alien Cadets)
    258K 6K 25

    The aliens currently governing Earth took Sam and other children to be raised on their homeworld. They tell him humans have the chance to be great. They tell him he'll be a representative of his species. A hero. But the protests that follow Sam's homecoming say otherwise. He and the other cadets are both pitied and de...

  • Liberation (Remnants of Men)
    1.5M 26.6K 40

    When seventeen year-old Runner was sentenced to death for stealing a loaf of bread in MegaCity One, his dreams were literally at an end. But then he opts to sign up for the Remnants of Men, a government sanctioned search for a rumoured fresh water lake beyond a radiated wasteland. At first, it seemed like a second ch...

  • The Boy in the Woods (Wattpad Version)
    7.4M 269K 62

    A newly expanded and professionally edited version of the Boy in the Woods is now available for sale as an ebook and paperback! Buy it at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and many other online outlets. Just search for the title and my name. :) After a devastating accident takes Jess's parents, a cold and...

  • Pirated Away
    762K 22.2K 36

    *Formerly Pirates Life For Me Elizabeth Crownwel has only lived her life as a puppet to her fathers will. Expected to marry a noble and live her life as a trophy wife, she has no interest in living a life of her own. On her way to meet her fiance the notorious pirate, Captain Blade Roberts, kidnaps her and takes her...

  • Bound to Sanctum
    1.3K 131 6

    “I never knew the sky was so big or that the world was so cruel.” Between the ominous black walls of Havana Hill lie the ruins of the Old World and the great war that ended it. Kathrine Malone, along with hundreds of other ill-fated children, call these rustic remains home. Under the wicked Headmaster who dwells on th...

  • Winter's Monster
    102 6 1

    Travis Tanner, a trapper and hunter, lives in a little log cabin, alone in the forest, living a peaceful life, at least, until IT comes...

  • Remember More
    205K 4.7K 45

    Science of the west. Martial arts of the east. And aliens from above. What if there was something that tied in all three? This is a follow up novella to the short story, Remember. (Which means, in case you haven't read that yet, it would make a lot more sense if you read that first. ^_^)

  • Born of Shadow - Book 1 (complete)
    1.1M 63.7K 66

    On her seventeenth birthday, Kami receives a mysterious artifact and a ticket to visit her estranged grandparents in Egypt. When she arrives, no one is there to meet her. Alone in an unfamiliar country, she discovers their disappearance is only part of a greater threat. Whispers of strange creatures made of a shadowy...

  • Remember
    94.3K 2K 1

    What if we were all connected in some way? Across time? Across space?

  • The Last Shifter
    128K 2.3K 7

    She's the last of her kind. As a rare white tiger shifter she has to keep hidden from the hunters. But, what if she starts to fall for one of the sons of her family's killer?

  • The House At The End Of The Road
    29 1 6

    When a retired soldier follows Jane to Uni, she gets the creeps. Following a strange job offer from the soldier, she is whisked into a world where angels fly, werewolves howl, and Kritheen click.

  • The Dream Factory
    379K 5.7K 39

    ***A Wattpad Featured Collection of Short Sci-Fi Stories*** Strange sentinels, forgotten Gods, regenerated aliens, frozen predators, tele- kinetic chess sets - all this and more in this collection of short SciFi stories. Each tale carries a devilish little twist at its end. Like a box of chocolates some a...

    27.8K 2.6K 44

    Two Behemoth warships collide in orbit. The entangled ships are slowly circling an unknown planet, although unknown becomes a pretty common word when one of the ship's crew wakes up post crash with no memories. Are the two crews supposed to be enemies or allies? Their entangled ships are due to tumble out of orbit an...

  • Fallen Allegiance
    739K 10.1K 30

    [OLD VERSION] [NOT EDITED] Morgana was satisfied living her normal life on Earth, until one night she was pulled into a parallel universe. Surrounded by strange and wonderful creatures, Morgana is forced to adapt to her new life, whilst the lies coiled around her old life are slowly unravelled. Her future is uncertai...

  • Realm of the Runes: Blood Right
    830K 32.4K 44

    Enter the year 2099AD - a living hell of industrial wastes, a dying planet, poverty, and high tech crime. When a mismatched group of youths are thrown together under dire circumstances, they learn that Time will be reset. They are the Octad - the eight mortals with Divine Blood, prophesied to save the world from a di...