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  • Oblivion (A Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf Fanfiction) [3]
    963K 19.1K 57

    "Into the mouth of oblivion I step. The sound echoing; like the beat of my heart. No turning back now, no room for regret. Each step, each length, closer to the dark. And yet for some reason a spark it ignites." The town of Beacon Hills is never exactly quiet. There is always something out there pushing against...

  • I Lied- Stiles Stilinski Fan Fic
    569K 10.2K 32

    Meaghan and Stiles? You'd think their friendship was over after what she's done. But maybe it isn't over just yet...

  • More Than The Sidekick {Teen Wolf: Stiles Stilinski}
    1.1M 20.9K 30

    Ryder McCall was an average teenage girl. She had popularity, great friends, great looks, even great clothes. Her only issues in life seemed to be what ridiculously expensive outfit her best friend Lydia was going to wear, or hmmmm I don't know, maybe the fact she has been in love with her brother's best friend since...

  • His Shadow's Curse
    37.6K 1.8K 38

    Rose lives in an extraordinary town. Not the 'magical' or 'happy' extraordinary you may think when you hear the word. She lives in a depressing, dark, miserable town full of death. Deaths of children. Young, innocent children committing suicide. Young suicides happen with no explanation behind them. Rose uncovers the...

  • Trapped *Peter Pan Love Story OUAT*
    154K 4.3K 22

    I lay on my bed, tired. It's been.. what? 2 years since I've seen my brother? Something like that. Oh I miss Henry. Why did our mom have to give us up! I walk away from the window and plop on my bed, thinking my plan over. Yes my plan. I'm running away. I can't take the looks people send me, people thinking of me as s...

  • Lost and Lost Again
    4.2K 126 28

    {COMPLETED} When Ava finds out about the shadow, curiosity got the best of her. She discovered about Neverland and the lost boys and the mysterious Peter Pan. Will they fall in love, or rebel against each other? Read the book to find out more!

  • Heart of Neverland
    14.5K 535 26

    This is a sequel to Heart of The Coldest Lover Rachel and Peter are excited for their upcoming wedding, however something stands in they're way. When Rach was in Arendelle she was engaged to Prince Henry son of Queen Emma and stepson of King Killian, so Henry is coming to get her thinking she has been kidnapped my Pet...

  • Battle Scars: Sequel to The War On Love
    16.5K 1K 21

    Everything has changed. To Emmalyn Taylor, ex-girlfriend of British heart-throb, Thomas Sangster, that's how it feels. She's forgotten all about the boy who had broken her heart. She's moved onto another man. Living happily, or so she thinks. But for Thomas, things have never been more wrong. He's still hung up on the...

  • The War on Love
    63.4K 2.8K 33

    Emmalyn Taylor, a 24 year old airman for the United States Air Force, meets a man who calls himself Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Quickly after meeting, things begin to click. What happens when the British actor develops feelings for the military girl?

  • Always (Sequel to 'Maybe', a Thomas Brodie-Sangster fanfiction)
    114K 5.4K 29

    Brooke and Thomas have created a new life together, and everything seems fine. But at what cost? Thomas has moved to America to spend his life with his fiancée, Brooke, just after he finished highschool. They've exchanged vows, and are a happy, married couple. Can these newly wed lovers overcome the obstacles of adult...

  • Read my mind (thomas sangster fanfic)
    47.7K 1.9K 60

    Jenny comes from a difficult background, but when she bumps into the boy she idolised for the majority of her life, she is dragged into a life of fame and glory. But when her dad returns to find her, will Thomas be able to protect her, or will he lose her forever? Sequel: Little Lion Man Warning: I changed the age fro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Safe in his arms // Thomas Brodie-Sangster fanfic
    67.5K 2.3K 25

    After Lilly has escaped from her stepfather who has abused her ever since her mother died, she bumps into Thomas Brodie-Sangster. He promises he will protect her whatever happens. Lilly stays with him for a while, still in fear of her stepfather. What happens if he finds her? She's living in a cage of constant fear an...

  • Let Me Go ➸ TMR ➸ Newt Fanfic ✓ (WATTYS 2015 WINNER!)
    1.6M 55.6K 40

    Let Me Go ➸ TMR ➸ Newt Fanfic ✓ 2014 Winner of the Wattys 2015 Hot Genre Award: The Fanfiction Feels! Also featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Maze Runner Fanfiction reading list. #470 in fanfiction - 03/10/15 Waking up in the Maze with no memory whatsoever, Rowan finally escapes the irrational creatures haunting...

  • Promises |<>| Calum Hood (Completed)
    39.6K 1K 18

    A broken promise, can lead to a broken heart. A Calum Hood Fanfiction

  • We Are Family|/-\|. (Michael Clifford Fan-fiction) (Completed)
    158K 4.4K 25

    Ally Brighten is the good girl from New York. What will happen when her life is turned upside down by her moms death , moving to Australia with her father, and meeting four boys who would change her life forever. Michael, Luke, Calum, and Ashton

  • savagery ▸ 5sos
    986K 41.6K 33

    One by one, they'll all be dead. [unedited]

  • Damaged Goods ~ A 5sos Lashton story
    428K 15.2K 24

    "Fat fat fat," Luke clawed at his body. "All I am, is fat." - Luke Hemmings is ugly. Luke Hemmings is fat. Luke Hemmings likes to puke. Luke Hemmings despised eating. Luke Hemmings is every negative comment made about him. Luke Hemmings is gay. Luke Hemmings is pretending. Luke Hemmings is damaged goods. Ashton Irw...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Promise (A Michael Clifford Fanfic)
    1.8M 58.5K 38

    Rebecca has always had a rough time in life, she's in and out of therapy for years, but so has Michael Clifford, the Australian boy in the grade above her. When Michael all of a sudden begins to talk to Rebecca, she freaks out and is very confused, but her feelings towards the boy begin to change as they become closer...

  • different ▸ m.c.
    1.6M 70.6K 33

    She knew there was something off about Michael from the moment she met him. [unedited]

  • Everybody has a dark side (A Michael Clifford fanfic)
    1.4M 28.7K 39

    Michael Clifford was the bad boy of school, everyone knew who he was but didn’t pay attention to him, he’d sit at the back of the classroom in his own world. Whereas Isabelle was the good girl of the school that nobody knew. What will happen when the two get close? Will Michael ruin her reputation and turn her into so...

  • Amnesia || lashton
    535K 24.7K 28

    "Who are you?" All Rights Reserved.© WriteDrunk 2014. Completed.

  • No Matter What | Lashton |
    30.4K 1.6K 17

    Ashton, Calum, Michael & I are survivors of the terrifying zombie apocalypse. I'm the "baby" of the group, meaning that they don't let me out. But what happens when there is no other option but for me to leave and fend for myself? What if babying me all these years was a mistake? What if I prove them wrong? Playlist: ...