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  • Clouded (Jc Caylen fanfiction)
    131K 2.3K 37

    Can a girls life get impacted more than this? Well this happened to Fey, after being dragged to a party by her friend, Perris, this one night can change her for the rest of her life. Does she stumble into the hands of a youtuber, Jc Caylen? after trying to avoid Jc in every way she can, it seems like she has to get o...

  • Reckless 2
    67K 2K 7

    Two years later. What struggles will Jc and Ali have to face? Are they strong enough? Or will love actually conquer all?

  • Reckless- A Jc Caylen Fan Fiction
    2.4M 32.2K 51

    A fan fiction about Jc Caylen. Inspired by the fan fictions Dark (Harry Styles) and Danger (Justin Bieber). ' -- “Ali, you know that´s why they call him reckless.” Alice said and looked serious. “That´s just rumors.” I said defensively. “So you´re not afraid of him?” She asked and looked me straight in the eye. “...