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  • The Hotel Room (Camren One Shot)
    38.7K 504 1

    'Camila and Lauren, you two will be sharing a standard hotel room and unfortunately you have to share a bed, but it's only for a night'

  • FRIENDS Til The End
    12.4K 357 19

    A fanfiction I made about the best television series ever. Not that I want to ruin the perfect series that Friends was and still is, just wanting to share with you some thoughts I've had after the show ended... The 'What If's' on my mind. Hope you like it! :)

  • The One With The Reunion
    1.4K 24 4

    Monica and Chandler are suprisingly having trouble with their relationship, Ross and Rachel are engaged but don't have a clue how to plan the wedding, Phoebe and Mike are having a baby boy but have no idea how to do their part and Joey has a girlfriend who isnt willing to take things to the next level, but when they c...

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S (a fanfic)
    29.7K 786 11

    After running away, Emma finds herself living with none other than Joey Tribianni, a smoking hot actor with the potential to break any woman's heart after satisfying her every need. She also finds herself among 6 friends who quickly become her second family. Through their hilarious journeys, they fall in love, they ge...