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  • A Fox's Lullaby (A Naruto Love Story)
    41.6K 1.9K 10

    She hasn't ever had friends with anyone, since IT happened. Her past was a horrendous nightmare that wouldn't end. Until one night, she met our favorite knucklehead Naruto, and became friends instantly. They had decided that they would meet every night on the full moon. But one night, Naruto didn't come. The days flew...

  • Natsu x Reader
    279K 6.5K 34

    The title explains most of it.

    Completed   Mature
  • A foxy type of love (An actual Naruto love story, or fan-fiction)
    82.9K 3.1K 37

    Kohaku is one of the last of her kind after her uncle mysteriously killed her clan. In most case -eghem Sasuke- some people would go after who killed their family. But Kohaku is doing the opposite and is running away from the man with her best friend/sister named Kimi who is a neko. They run to the outskirts of The hi...

  • Fairy Tail's Infinity Dragon
    270K 7.9K 21

    Yuki Shiro, the dragon slayer of infinity, tumbles out of the dark guild her parents run, and stumbles right into Fairy tail, the guild of her dreams! She finds herself shrouded with generosity and kindness, but is targeted by her parents once again. How will she get herself out of this mess, not even mentioning that...

  • My Life As Athedite Aphrona (A Hunter x Hunter/HxH Fanfic) [Killua Love Story]
    1M 33.9K 93

    What if...a girl goes to the Hunter x Hunter World? That is her favorite anime, Hunter x Hunter. So, what will she do? She'll meet the innocent Gon, cool Kurapika, badass Killua, and the self-proclaimed, old-looking but a teenager Leorio. Will she lose her life? Will she die from the hunter exam? And...why was she eve...

  • That Little Pervert(Baka & Test/ Kouta fanfic)
    13.1K 309 10

    Basically the title says it all. But anyway. Emiko Sato attends Fumizuki Academy. She likes Kouta Tsuchiya, and Kouta Tsuchiya likes her. Read and see where this goes.

  • BlackStar x Reader Curse
    39.1K 1.3K 21

    Requested!!! Lets say the huge ego boy of the whole DWMA has a little crush on his star... Wait hes not a star anymore?! Oh wow you go girl! xD But what happen if the past comes to haunt you and somehow been effected by some curse? Weird stuff is happening and maybe BlackStar will be your savior. ReaderXBlackStar Me(...

  • Falling Or Shining Star? (BlackStar X Reader)
    2.2K 40 1

    Hello! As requested! Hope also some of ya enjoy too! So... Your a "Eat" student and been in the academy for 2 years. Your sights has been this blue spiky blue hair boy. Lets say you two were childhood friends... Do you have the guts to finally have him? Or...

  • {Fairy Tail Reader Insert} The Family I Never Had (Fairy Tail Watty Awards 2014)
    175K 4.8K 35

    {}Multiple B.O.C{} Your running for your life while trying to protect Lily from the dark figure of your past. After running into the Fairy Tail guild members, you have to keep many secrets and distance yourself from everyone but they refuse to let you block them out. You're the Water Dragon Slayer but you...

  • Destined for Flames (One Piece Fanfic)
    520K 14.5K 60

    DISCONTINUED Flynn D. Raya. Sixteen, hotheaded, stranded on a small island where simply mentioning the taboo word pirates will earn you a slew of reproachful glares and an unyielding silence. For years, she's dealt with it, understanding that any dark thoughts are unproductive, that they won't unbind her from this pri...

  • Scattered Love (Kid x Soul x Black Star x reader)
    45.3K 1.3K 11

    Soul Eater fanfiction. You're Maka's long lost sister. After the boys in Maka's life fall for you, hard, you have to choose which one to love and which two you have to beak their heart. Scattered Love. It's your choice.

  • Soul Eater Boys X Reader
    186K 4.9K 22

    First- 3 guys like you Second- Now your partner betrays you?! What will happen to your life now?!?! Will you be able to fix it? Or have your world fall apart and let your partner die? Which one is it? COMPLETE

  • New Singing Member. Gray X Reader X Natsu
    214K 6.2K 22

    A new member of Fairy Tail! Everything went well but 2 guys fighting over you and a girl wanting to hit you....? Ya... Not so great after all. Hope you make it! :P Gray X Reader X Natsu COMPLETE

  • The Musical Alchemist: An Edward Elric Love Story (Under Major Editing)
    99.3K 3K 46

    One day she's making cookies with her mother. Another day she's at her mother's funeral. As weeks passed by, her father became different. He was once a man who always helped the towns people. However, after her mother's death, he was always buried inside his office. Although, little did she know that something a lo...