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  • 饾挄饾拤饾拞 饾拑饾拏饾拰饾拞饾挀饾挌;;
    34.8K 963 30

    饾挄饾拤饾拞 饾拑饾拏饾拰饾拞饾挀饾挌;; 饾拤饾拞饾拲饾拺饾拪饾拸饾拡 饾挌饾拹饾挅 饾挊饾拪饾挄饾拤 饾拏饾拲饾拲 饾挌饾拹饾挅饾挀 饾拡饾挀饾拏饾拺饾拤饾拪饾拕 饾拸饾拞饾拞饾拝饾挃.

  • Insomnia - Graphic Tutorials
    13.6K 940 20

    Ciocia DrzwiamiWTwarz przeka偶e Wam tajn膮, najmroczniejsz膮 wiedz臋, jak膮 zdo艂a艂a posi膮艣膰 w ci膮gu dw贸ch lat korzystania z program贸w graficznych. "Insomnia" to pisany p贸艂-偶artem, p贸艂-serio poradnik dla os贸b potrafi膮cych ju偶 porusza膰 si臋 po podstawowych narz臋dziach w programach graficznych... Albo przynajmniej potrafi膮 st...

  • aestheticism 鉂 graphic tutorials & resources
    319K 12.2K 48

    Learn about editing in Photoshop and mobile apps! You might want to pick up resources as well (锞'銉')锞*: 锝ワ緹 鉂滱estheticism鉂 es-藞the-t蓹-藢si-z蓹m, is-\ 鈥 devotion to or emphasis on beauty or the cultivation of the arts 銋∶哠T脝TIC銋

  • Dexterity ; A Graphic Tutor
    38K 3.6K 88

    Welcome, newbie! This is the place where you can find your true graphic designer self! Started : 1st September 2018 Ended : coming soon #1 in ibispaintx (4 September 2018) D E X T E R I T Y Copyright 2018 by Ellagance.

  • Clair De Lune 鈫 ibis paint tutorials (ON HOLD)
    5K 213 6

    " 垄鈩撐蔽寡 鈭傃 鈩撓呅秆 " 鈫 a french word that means " moonlight ". 鈫 a tutorial book about IBIS PAINT X. 鈫 褧褦垄蟽懈鈭 喂懈褧褌伪鈩撯創屑褦懈褌 蟽f 喂懈垄伪褧褧伪胁鈩撗 伪屑蟽蠀褟 褧褦褟喂褦褧. 銆 Clair De Lune 鈫 ibis paint tutorials 銆 ; 垄褟褦伪褌褦鈭 胁褍: -rielyxx 伪鈩撯創 褟喂g薪褌褧 褟褦褧褦褟谓褦 2泻18

  • Cover Tutorials
    128K 2.9K 21

    Tutorials, tips and resources for graphic making. Highest Ranking: #86 in Random | 17.11.16 漏 guccies | Inspired by @-voidallison 鈾

  • all these templates.
    114K 2K 46

    A book of templates, no watermarks. 100% free to use. Semi-original.

  • Book Cover Tips
    163K 4K 27

    the one in which i attempt to help you to make book covers through tips, templates and tutorials. [i am in no way a professional graphic designer, but i hope i can help anyway!] 禄 i wrote this book ages ago so the covers in here aren't that great, but hopefully the tips are still helpful!

  • cover tutorials;
    20.4K 522 40

    shitty tutorials for your book covers.

  • Resources 鈻 Tutorials, Tips & Help
    98K 3.7K 26

    A book where you'll find resources, tutorials, faceclaims, fonts, PNGs, textures, brushes & possibly more. A little bit of everything.

  • cover tutorials & tips
    202K 3.7K 31

    just some help on how to perfect your cover! *only do superimpose*

  • MERMAID ; a graphic tutorial and resources
    75.2K 5.2K 44

    mermaid ; a book that transforms and enhances your graphic skills 鈥 tutorials and resources available inside! 鈥 HIGHEST RANK: #24 IN RANDOM bcc by: jiminist- 鈾

  • Tutorials
    12.8K 518 31

    Where I, Mandi, will be teaching you how to make covers and give you a few tips and tricks to improve your graphics. Device used: iPhone

  • Cover Tutorials
    179K 7.2K 48

    鉂 Good Teaching is more of a giving the right questions than a giving the right answers 鉂 - 漏LittleZari - Ranked # 1 in Non-fiction

  • tips & tutorials
    46.5K 1.7K 11

    in which our members give you tips & tutorials on how to become a great graphic designer

  • How To Mobile Edit (PicsartXibispaint)
    115K 4.8K 151

    How to make graphic on mobile and resources. Just anything you need! Ibispaint and picsart. Sorry, but scroll DOWN to see the ibispaint tutorial

  • Cover Tips
    134K 5K 25

    where I (lowly cover maker) will provide you (sexy homo sapien) with templates, tutorials, and other graphic-y stuff for your books. enjoy. or don't, it's up to you man. ___ highest ranking: #207 in random :) #7 in tutorials :)

  • 饾悘饾悁饾悕饾悎饾悅 [cover tuts.]
    79.9K 1.8K 31

    //in which we, the graphic family, give you cover or edit tutorials//

  • Cover Tutorials
    68.1K 1.8K 51

    In which a girl with fleeky eyebrows shows you how to make mediocre covers. Please give credit! - some ideas from voidallison #8 in cover tutorial - highest ranking

    230K 5K 38

    Some tips and tricks to cover making { #165 in random } ( 9/2/16 )

  • happy . . . graphic help
    112K 2.9K 38

    if you're happy and you know it clap your hands 300619

  • How To Picsart
    106K 4.8K 21

    HOW TO ; Picsart 鈫 in which i give you tips, tricks, step-by-step tutorials & more on how to use Picsart and what to use it for. cover by me (using picsart) 鉁 ] full-out step-by-step tutorials 鉁 ] Android safe / compatible 鉁 ] pub 1.9.17 鉁 ] highest ranking #5 in nonfiction copyright slayvxdom 2017

  • 鈹佲攣 magdalene; book cover tips
    196K 4.1K 24

    Just a few editing tips to help you out. [ BOOK COVER TIPS ] [aahsoka - 2015]

  • electric, graphic help.
    356K 10.6K 60

    a place to find cover themes and templates as well as filters and other resources for all of your aesthetically pleasing wants and needs! please respect these themes and resources that i am giving you. please read the rules and give credit where it is due and do not claim any of these as your own. if i found out you...

  • Cover Tutorials
    9.4K 298 43

    Just another tutorial on how to make different types of covers! (: All covers made by me

  • Cover Tutorials
    129K 3K 13

    where i teach you how to make book covers

  • BASIC COVER | Simple Tutorial
    15K 400 18

    Simple life 鉁

  • Athena 鈥 Graphic Tutorials
    18.1K 916 14

    銆 Athena- goddess of wisdom and knowledge 銆 Wanted to share what I know about graphics. I take tutorial requests!

  • 饾悈饾悎饾悑饾悡饾悇饾悜饾悞
    29.3K 451 35

    饾槺 饾槹 饾槶 饾槩 饾槼 饾槼

  • polarr filters
    77.4K 2.1K 25

    i make filters for your pictures so they look pretty !