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  • Miss Lovato (Demi Lovato fanfiction) - editing!
    736K 15.9K 72

    What if Demi Lovato is your teacher and tells you that she likes you? Would you be embarrassed? Would you tell her you like her back? Would you hold hands at a movie with her? Would you sleep with her? Would you tell her you love her? And most importantly.. would you be able to hide your relationship with her? Here's...

  • Silence- Adopted by Demi Lovato
    6M 93.7K 112

    Mackenize Rivera is a five year old girl with a terrible past. She hasn't spoken a single word in a year. When she is taken away from her father she is put into Sunshine Acres Orphanage. After a year of struggling, Mackenzie's time is here. Someone wants to adopt her. Will Mackenzie come out of her shell? Will her fat...

  • I Was A Warrior
    27.9K 754 30

    It was 2 years ago that Madison came home to something unexpected. 2 years ago she found something on her bed. A note. A note that could possible change her life forever. A note that could send her through years of sadness, misery, guilt and disorders. Plenty of them. Demi Lovato, her older sister isn't here to help h...

  • Save Me // Demi Lovato and Madison DelaGarza
    155K 4.7K 22

    My name is Madison De La Garza. Yes, Demi Lovato's sister. No. This story is not about her. This is MY Story. Told MY way. So many people expect me to be strong because Demi is... But guess what. I'm getting really tired of pretending i'm something that i'm not.

  • It's A Long Way From Here (Maddie/Demi fanfic)
    17.2K 287 9

    Hi I'm Madison Lee. You think I'm just your ordinary 13 year old girl? Think again, there's more to my life than you think and no it's not easy...