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  • A Soulless Meister(Male Apathetic Reader x Soul Eater Harem)
    485 33 4

    Y/N L/N never lived a normal life. While everything in his childhood seemed normal, Y/N wasn't normal. For starters, the boy was born without a soul, which caused him to become apathetic at a young age. Being able to kill things without remorse, Y/N's parents were worried about the boy so they took him to a church who...

  • The Betrayed Earth(Betrayed Earth Godzilla x Highschool DxD)
    47K 765 7

    (Y/n) was a part lizard man, and he used to be part of Rias's peerage. Used to. Rias, deeming him weak because of HER inadequate training, attempted to kill him and take back her Evil Piece. She manages to extract the evil piece, but in doing so awakens the Sacred Gear lying dormant within (Y/n). The Kaiju born of Ear...

  • The Wrath of Gojira(Male Godzilla 1954 Reader x Cheater RWBY)
    47.9K 636 13

    Pain. Betrayed. That's all that, (Y/n) a powerful dinosaur faunus. But when his girlfriends, the only people that supported cheat on him and shun him, he feels betrayed and angered. Ozpina sees this and makes a stupid decision. She uses team RWBY and lures (Y/n) to a deserted island. And she tells team RWBY to beat hi...

  • The 10th Titan Shifter(AOT x Male Reader)
    37.7K 986 21

    Year 845, the year Wall Maria met its doom. The residents within Wall Maria stared at the wall. A head was now was a titan... 'A titan higher than the walls? That's impossible!' 'Quickly run before it...' BOOM!!! Wall Maria has now been breached and the titans had already entered the wall. Everyone ra...

  • Aot x Male Reader (with My own twist...)
    12K 110 13

    man you horny 12 year olds will love this one, it's smut filled when humanity is truly pushed to its edge. (Stonehess is raided)

  • The Agent Of Huniepop(Male C.I.A. Reader x Huniepop harem)
    1.7K 72 4

    Y/N "Agent 47" L/N is the youngest member of the CIA alive. Being trained at a young age by an actual yet retired CIA Agent, Y/N quickly learned the ropes of what he had to do. Following his mentor's code to a T, The United States Central Intelligence Agency quickly took notice of Y/N and one day, he caught a CIA Agen...

  • The Descendant of the King
    38.5K 560 21

    Many years ago there was a great war between the three factions Devils,Angels,and fallen angels.But what they didn't know was there was a faction fighting for the humans known as the heroic spirits faction this faction was composed of the known heroic spirits across different timeline.And was lead by a single person k...

  • Highschool DxD: Son of Dracula
    59.4K 915 7

    You are (Y/N) Hellsing the son of Alucard/Dracula and Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing his main goal in life is to not let his fathers legacy dictate or overshadow his success. Waiting for his father to supposedly return (Y/N) goes to different countries taking on jobs making a name for himself with his bestfriend...

  • The Vampire Dragon(Male Vampire Dragon hybrid reader x DxD harem)
    18.2K 394 4

    One day, a seven year old Rias was walking around when she was attacked by Rouge demons. Fearing for her life, she screamed and accidentally woke up Y/N Dracula, a Vampire Dragon hybrid. Y/N, thankful to be reawakened, Y/N agreed to become her protector, much to her family's disapproval due to who he was and his tende...

  • The Gambling Assassin(Male AC/ Karma x Kakegurui harem)
    560 28 3

    Y/N Auditore is the descendant of Ezio Auditore. Trained by his family, Y/N quickly rise through the ranks of the brotherhood of Assassins. The only thing about Y/N was that he wasn't afraid to break the rules to get what he wanted. Truth be told, Y/N was practically a Psychopath who enjoyed Killing. This was found wh...

  • The knight's rise
    50.5K 687 31

    In this you are Kiba Yuuto the knight of Rias gremory but unlike the show your sacred gear isn't sword birth but something more Read to find out

  • highschool dxd the ouroboros dragon brother (OP male reader)
    50.7K 633 7

    main character y/n infinty ophis brother and stronger then ophis and great red and all 3 factions combined has 0 weaknesses THERE WILL BE SOME BAD LANGUAGE AND I DO NOT OWN HIGHSCHOOL DXD AND MIGHT BE A FEW SPEELING MISTAKES AND I DO NO OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES

  • highschool dxd ophis brother is a gamer from another world (Op Male Reader)
    58.2K 865 9

    main character y/n l/n was a good person who has a photographic memory but one day he died when his freinds were jeoulos because of his memory so he got beaten up to death and is now in a mysterious place

  • The Lost Fairy
    117K 2.6K 34

    Over 400 years old, part of a secret scientific experiment by that era's Magic Council. F/n L/n, a wanderer, family killed as a child, cursed with 7 rings, each limits a section of his power, and in order to break each one, he must overcome the sin in which it is bonded too. The strongest team in Fairy Tail is sent af...

  • Wendy Marvell X Male Reader (Book One)
    96.6K 1.3K 25

    A mysterious boy arrives at Fairy Tail. This boy though young is extremely powerful. Let us see what happens when the Dragon King Slayer meets The Sky Dragon Slayer

  • Wendy Marvell x Male Reader (Book Two)
    42.5K 714 22

    It's been two years since our dragon king slayer left Fairy Tail. Wendy has continued to have hope that he is still alive.Then one day during a mission, she comes face to face with the one person she's been wanting to see. Let us see what happens when two dragon slayers reunite.

  • Moka Akashiya x Male Reader
    20.6K 343 6

    Two new students arrive at Yokai. One is Tsukune Aono, an average human who comes there by mistake. The other is a h/c haired boy who gives off an extremely powerful aura in his human form alone. Let us see what happens when a certain vampire meets the demon king.

  • Akame Ga Kill Male Reader Insert
    54.6K 653 27

    Empire soldiers, guards, and nobles are all dropping like flies and no one knows why. Follow the story of this unknown assassin and his eventual encounter with the infamous assassin group Night Raid.

  • The lost soldier RWBY X Male reader
    60.6K 751 27

    A soldier has been guarding a forest for over one thousand years. He hasn't set down his weapon since he first marched into the forest. His past haunts him. But will team RWBY help him recover?

  • The Iron Tank(Male Iron Man Reader x massive Girls und Panzer Harem)
    548 27 2

    Y/N Stark was a normal a kid, but that didn't matter. What did matter was when he found his calling in life; helping his father create Iron Man suits and inventing things. Everything was going great until one day, Y/N was caught in an explosion. Nobody knows how it happened but that didn't matter either. What mattered...

  • Silver Blade (Male reader x highschool dxd)
    113K 1.3K 31

    Y/N L/N a human with a past riddled with death just wants peace but the three factions somehow keep pulling him into their problems. First story so there will be mistakes in it and I would love feedback

  • The bounty hunter off the walls(Mandalorian male Reader X Ymir)
    36 8 2

    One of the youngest bounty hunters in the Galaxy at the age of 15 and he is a legend through the Galaxy after escaping Tatooine with the child the both of them entered a wormhole leading to another universe in another world called Earth with unknown creatures. Disclaimer: I do not own Attack on Titans or mandalorian o...

  • The dead boy (zombie AU)
    12 2 1

    Blue exorcist isn't mine just the plot A zombie outbreak has occurred, the after math has left thousands dead sand zombified. Only a few hundred survived. However, we follow the story of one zombie named Rin, a zombie who acts more human than he should.

  • Armed and Dangerous(Male Deadshot's apprentice Reader x massive DxD Harem)
    901 44 3

    Y/N Phenex is the Son of Lord Phenex and an unknown woman while he was still married. Due to this, Y/N wasn't born with the normal powers of the Phenex household. He couldn't summon fire nor could he fly. Y/N was basically human say for his pain resistance and immortality. That however, wasn't good enough for his brot...

  • Izuku the Overlord
    57 4 2

    Izuku was a game developer with a group of his friends and created the game called "Yggdrassil" an online DMMO-RPG or (Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), that is also an immersive game, like VR but more advanced like SAO. Over the years playing the game, Izuku and his gang were the best players of...