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  • Downfall (Naruto AU Fan Fiction)
    5.3K 444 7

    The world is in chaos. The human population is decreasing second by second. And the dead are hungry. Sakura has been trapped in her apartment for a whole week after a contagious disease broke out and startled the world. With nothing left for her anymore, she decides to commit suicide after witnessing the madness this...

  • Sakura Momochi Hatake || Naruto
    455K 19.7K 67

    [2nd Place in General Naruto of Naruto Wattys] Ranked #1 in GaaSaku 2nd Book: Sakura Momochi Hatake II Sakura,the daughter of Zabuza Momochi. Originally from Hidden of the Mist. Zabuza met Haku on a bridge and kept him. One day,Zabuza left Sakura alone because she was too soft hearted. She couldn't kill. Alone in the...