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  • Broken Vows
    1.4K 330 34

    Highest Rankings #1 in grayeyes #1 in unfaithfulness #1 in asiangirl #36 in regrets #83 in guilt "You ruined my life." Those words were enough to kill every little hope I had with me. He sound deadly, his eyes were deadly, his whisper was deadly. I should say something. Something that would save myself from his degra...

  • Benita
    1.4K 287 28

    Meet Benita Lawrence, the kind of girl that can throw a punch to anyone who pisses her off not minding your social status. She has been called many names, one of them which is "bitch" but she doesn't give a damn well that is until she gets expelled from Gold High and her father threatens to take her to a reform school...

  • The Crime in Callahan's Morrow
    1.2K 180 18

    "Sometimes one has to play dirty to bring victory to their side." ----------------------------------------------- Nicole Hallian is part of the small Supernatural Investigations Bureau (SIB) branch office located in Callahan's Morrow. She likes her job, but not these days when mysterious abductions rock their town fil...

    3.9K 1.5K 17

    •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• " Darkness " It is a cold room deep inside your mind, where you are all alone. It will drain you physically, mentally and emotionally. There is one way out and for it you need a ray of light , a ray of hope; and to end the misery... "You only need to find that ONE...

  • Kingslayer
    2 2 2

    Forced to flee her home after escaping her fate Myra Ashley escapes to Pyrith, land of the Faeries. There she is brought before the King of Faeries and is given to a High Lord who needs her for one thing, To kill the King.

  • Bad Girl's Philosophy( Rewriting) WATTYS 2019✔
    3.3K 206 63

    Clara is a 22 yrs old girl, who is a victim of human trafficking. She has been assaulted multiple times both sexually and physically. But she only grows stronger. Her boxing skills help her earn a livelihood and survive through the tough times. She is a strong woman and she will surely take her revenge. *************...

  • The Bad Boy's Reason
    167 56 9

    -"911 what's your emergency?" -"There's a teenage boy on the ground in a pool of blood. We're on 8th Street, please come quickly." Ryan Lewis had committed suicide and according to his letter the good girl was the reason why.

  • Peaceful Chaos
    3 0 1

    Can two broken people make a whole? *** Words are weapons and indifference is a shield and I know how to wield them both to inflict maximum damage. They call me a bitch behind my back but tremble when I am there. That's alright. I am more than fine with that. I like it that way. But sometimes, when I catch those dark...

  • Odes of old
    592 143 5

    Round around and round about, for this young bard will sing aloud; Stories to shout; their rhymes- don't doubt, for of these tales he is so proud! He travels world; unravels stories- to sing of them and spread their glories; His rhymes cross seas; his rhythm- breeze; hearing of listeners to seize. A young bard travels...

  • Did You Order An Assassin?
    1.5K 218 18

    Sohyun, struggling with life, gets a job at a restaurant in hopes of getting rid of the thoughts from her past. But it only did the opposite. She soon finds that getting a job at the restaurant gives her more than what she bargained for and she starts to see her past unravel in front of her. |A Min Yoongi Fanfiction...

  • Harvest Season
    1K 60 6

    The island of Dorchester is a scientific anomaly, a chasm in space and time, and the grand secret that lurks within its centre could affect the very thread that holds the past, present and future in equilibrium. When Blakely, a field doctor, is tasked with the important mission of unleashing a virulent plague on the...

  • Always By My Side
    391 155 5

    August Barns is new at school in September 1920. August is new so she will get every chance to meet new people. Amber Sumpter always thought of August as her best friend. The people that August meet know Amber. Amber was known, just not in the good and normal way. Every chance August can get to hang with her new frien...

  • Shadowbrook: Once Hungry, Twice Bitten
    4.9K 1.2K 27

    If you like mystery and solitude, then Shadowbrook is the town for you. One rule, just don't stay out after dark. Oh, and try to not get bitten. Erika Smith is a shy girl dealing with cancer, only to have her world turned upside down. Shadowbrook becomes her home where she finally feels she belongs. She hasn't felt...

  • Vampire's Illusions
    2.1K 226 24

    I was the only blue blood in a school full of vampire. But I was fine with that. I mastered the art of disguising. I sat on the last bench, didn't socialize much. Nobody ever bothered me. But Have you ever met that one person who is not okay with your silence? Extended description inside* ___________________________...

  • The Betrayal
    4.2K 706 13

    Chicago, 1998. Sixteen year old Scott Henderson has grown up in a caring family, along with his elder brother Billy. Unexpectedly, and in the worst possible way, he discovers a well hidden family secret that will jeopardize everything he has always believed in, and will put his life on the line. Second part of the Hen...

  • Empty
    5.7K 987 53

    'The Initus Mortuis, (Nicknamed 'empty') are found all over the country, and have existed since approximately the 2060s. Their origins are unknown. 'They are exceptionally capable of hiding their true intentions until attack, but can be distinguished from humans in several ways, including pale skin, dark shadows, bl...

  • Destiny Of Vermillion ||JJK FF|| ✔
    745 180 21

    Lee Y/N, who seems to be a normal highschooler one day meets three hot guys who just transferred to her class.... . But...are they normal? Flashing back through the thousand year old memories, Jungkook finally finds his eternal soul mate, but will she be able to accept him..again..? No, will he accept her again after...

  • Ember Chasers
    736 295 11

    A stroll through a magical forest isn't really so fun when there are faeries plucking and grabbing clumps of your hair, elves attempting to set your clothes on fire, and trolls poking your vulnerable skin with their needle-like fingers. Unfortunately, Vorare has been like this for as long as anyone could remember...

  • Stereotypical
    1.9K 464 17

    ☆FEATURED ON WATTPAD'S MUTLICULTURAL PROFILE☆ {Teen Fiction First Place- The Fiction Wars} Thandiwe Harlow is an ambitious, outspoken girl, and getting pregnant at the very young age of sixteen was never ever part of her well thought-out life plan. Being pregnant alone, is enough to put stress onto her but when her pa...

  • The darkness within me
    1K 209 22

    'Evil isn't born, it's made' Liam knew it. It was his belief. He lived it. It was his reality, his life. This is his story, his truth, his journey. This is his reasons, his explanations. This is his mistakes ...and his one and only apology. But don't be mistaken He does not regret his doing, ...but his ways, the c...

  • opposition
    140 52 7

    "how many times do i have to tell you to stay away" i say rather too harsh and irritated. but do i really want him to leave. " you know i would never leave you even if my life was at stake" he says smirking. " then i can't wait to be on my death bed" i reply turning away. ...

  • Head Full of Flowers
    345 62 10

    Meredith Reed. An old woman filled with so many secrets and lies that you'd lose track trying to count. An old woman with a fiery hot temper and a quick-witted mind. An old woman whose spirit has been beaten down by the cruel, cruel world. Arabella Reed. A young woman wandering aimlessly, wanting to find her place in...

  • A Door Knock Away
    271 42 22

    Malcolm Cortes. The freaky boy with that dead-eyed glare who plays basketball with the other kids from the rough side of town. The guy who no one understands where he came from or what he's living for, the kid who always wears the same black denim jacket with a blood red stain just under the pocket. He's weird. He's s...

  • The Art of Loving [Re-Writing] #Wattys2019
    3.1K 547 24

    Ava is no stranger to heartbreak and pain. Her ex boyfriend cheated on her with her so called 'best friend' and the people who she thought cared about her, turned out to be toxic and fake. To make things even worse, Ava's father treated her cruelly and made her believe she was worth nothing. Ava decides to flee the to...

  • Enemies Forever | ✐
    8K 1.1K 30

    ❝ from one simple, harmless prank to one huge problem, confused feelings and family drama, how can you handle it? ❞ • • • The Peterson and Arrington families were enemies and had hated each other for generations. No one knew why. The Peterson's and the Arrington's y...

  • Altruistic Dreams || original story || being rewritten
    1K 97 17

    A First Nations man with the highest position of the police force cares for his disabled child trying to escape his past life with his family. started -- june.14.2018 (1st draft :,) #35 in catholic (oct.19.2018) #50 in catholic (nov.26.2018) #33 in freetheboy (dec.1.2018) #78 in freetheboy (feb.2.2019) #6...

  • Louie's Prophecy Of Fate || COMPLETE ✅
    2.1K 548 26

    Louie's Prophecy Of Fate. Louie Nelson is a werewolf, she didn't much want a mate...well not mate...but 2 mates. Her father is the alpha of The Full Moon he leading the pack in the district. When her life falls in line with an old prophecy, and her world is changed forever. ____________________________________ Find ou...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Heart Full of Pain
    818 312 12

    "sнε ∂σεsη'т ωαηт α нεαят ғυℓℓ σғ ραιη" Description: Cecilia was a woman who grew up in a poor, small village, somewhere in England. And she had a sorrowful, painful past. As the night dragged on with nightmares, and the days dragged on with chest pain, Cecilia begged for a solution to come by, to cure her of her pain...

  • Secrets Left Neglected
    1.3K 518 81

    It IS a secret. Caoilainn's been holding back. A lot. She knows EVERYTHING and what Tadhg doesn't is going to devastate him. After finding happiness in each other's arms, disaster strikes and their world topples over. Caoilainn fights to save Tadhg, and their relationship, but theirs' isn't the only one hiding secrets...

  • Dabara Tumbler
    4.6K 341 15

    Himani Narayan, a sous chef owns Dabara Tumbler-a food blog. Raghav Vardarajan, her newest paying guest, for sure is a tumbler amidst a lot of things; but will he be her tumbler? Dabara Tumbler- A tumbler (I am not sure if it's a proper word in English) is a glass like vessel in which coffee is served frothy and hot...