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  • Cover Shop // CLOSED
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    You can request a cover for your book! Payment: credit/mention me and use the cover ACHIEVEMENTS 🏆 #46 in #covershop #1 in #imakecovers

  • Sakura Eyes
    9.3K 1.7K 82

    When I was a child, I used to think the monsters Mom used to tell me in her fairytale stories were scary. But now that I've seen the real world, I've realized humans are much scarier. There's an evil king turning innocent people into demons, villages literally dying from lack of resources, and the only way to solve th...

  • Tears' Curse
    2.6K 224 12

    "Why do we need to protect the mortals? They no longer trust us!" "Because this is our oath." Xue Er, a 1000-year-old white dragon from Long Sheng Jie has been sent to the current mortals' world to protect it from evil forces. Living under the name of Miracle, she begins her journey. But because mortals no longer bel...

  • Attaining Immortality
    476 126 7

    Dan Smith, a man in his early thirties who has spent his whole life avoiding death. But what happens when death comes knocking at his door, will he answer? Or will he find a way to avoid it? Even it means teaming up with a crazed man who shares the same obsession as him. What lengths would he go to achieve immortali...