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  • Solitude || Wattys2019
    3.8K 666 48

    Martha Rollins lost her mother. Nobody is sure how, they are not even sure she's still alive. Nobody but Martha. She knows what happened. She was there after all. She watched her mother leave her Martha has barely said a word in two years. What can she say? Who'll understand? The once popular girl now a wallflower wit...

  • Life Of Games
    388 98 16

    High school; popularly known to be a hell hole. Why? You might ask. It is a place that preys on the innocent, it lives off cliché and stereotypes where the bad boys are worshipped by all and the popular cheerleader bullies all. While everyone complains of the unfairness of it all, my best friends and I have decided t...

  • Poems/Covers made by me
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    Just a collection of poems written by me.

  • The Fierce Tigress Book Review
    124 27 7

    Hey there young kitten. Come on now. Oh forget I am the Fierce Tigress, I don't bite. I'm full of love and kisses. So you want your book reviewed? Can you take the blunt honesty? Can you accept criticism without bursting into tears? Do you want to grow from a cub to a huge tigress like momma tiger? (Okay this is...

  • Sweet Burgundy |✓
    2K 729 21

    Previously known as 'HIM' #1- Burgundy - 05/23/19 ❝You can't love me, I don't want you to. You're notorious for breaking people's hearts. You're heartless❞ I was rather convincing myself more than convincing him. He chuckled. ❝That's where you're really wrong, Sophie. I have a heart, I swear I do. I may be cold at tim...

  • Lifemates and Kindred Spirits ~ Anne of Green Gables
    1.4K 168 19

    [COMPLETED] I do not own any of these characters. All rights go to Lucy Maud Montegomery Based on Anne of Green Gables. Basically what happens in between Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. Started on: 3/20/2019

  • The Next Big Thing
    558 233 15

    If you lost all your memories, what would you do? If it felt like the whole world was against you, what would you do? If you knew you were destined for failure, would you live on? 18 year old runner up/school dropout Kyle gets an opportunity to perform at the Austin Music Fest. In this thrilling book, Kyle's fate is...

  • Adventure Recycled: The Time Before Legends
    158 3 1

    A bit of bribing and a technical mistake caused Michael to go when the era of swords and castles was about to end. now Armed only with his wits, limited knowledge of the past and along with his negligible experience with camping he will have to embark on a journey to try to find his way back home. I own everything in...

    5.9K 596 9

    He pinned me to the wall with my hands over my head. "Who is he?" he asked angrily. "It's none of your business" I replied. "I asked, who is he?" "And I replied, its none of your business. And why do you even care anyway?" His eyes flashed dangerously. He closed the space between us so that his mouth was near my ear...

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    Gold. All I could see were those golden eyes that were staring at me as if they can see right through me. "Who are you?" I asked him breathlessly, already knowing who is he. "Love, you already know who I am and what I am to you. Now, tell me why were you running from me?" He asked in his husky voice, his eyes never le...

  • me , you and Allah
    667 93 8

    I love Islam and this book is a reflection , some Qur'an verses , hadith .....which I write , you read and if Allah wills both of us get closer to Allah ,

  • Why Muslimah?
    2.7K 288 12

    Why we muslim girls do not walk away from Islam even after many people claim our rights are violated..... NO IMAGES USED IN THIS WORK ARE MINE if you find any mistake in this work , please be kind enough to let me know

  • As springs passed by
    212 37 5

    Tiny stories , huge emotions ......... cover by @aspiringdreamwriters @CrimsonDarkRed

  • tales by a common girl
    107 11 19

    Just something I wanted to say and my contest entries and my comments.... Because I have this disorder due to which I end up wanting more of poems I liked, making me write new lines😘

  • To my crush from Muslimah and other short Islamic stories
    123 11 2

    It is a letter a letter written by a muslimah to her crush. The letter includes everything she wanted to say but never said because.......... read to find out

    634 185 25

    highest ranking - 372 cover by : Fathima Abdurahman something about what is around ..........

  • Blood bonds and bloodthirst(Completed)
    435 86 24

    INDIAN PARANORMAL STORY The 'Valiyavalappil' siblings led to the escape of a ghost named Ouija. Ouija believed that a world without fathers would be a much better place because she was killed by her own. She set out for the 'cleansing process' soon after her escape. The escape of Ouija is followed by the return of Re...

  • Hush (ONC entry/ completed)
    216 13 14

    ONC 2019 shortlisted ##### The Sass awards first prize winner #The glory awards 2019 third place # the cleaved awards honourable mention The worst quality for a thief to possess is honesty and the worst scenario that a thief would have to face is if she is cursed to be honest ...

  • What if Sara was alive? (completed)
    94 25 4

    Time and tide wait for none. What if you had been running away from people you love for too long? what if it was only a misconception that you thought you loved your books more than your family? What if you hadn't been to your home for the last two years? What if someone who loves you a lot died during that period...

  • Raining upon the fire
    469 166 20

    ****featured on wattpad poetry library: love tides******** *****Creativity Awards 2019 First place winner***** Just a poetic tale of sidharth and Naina...... I am but a fire, Light in darkness, Just when in darkness, perhaps Warm in winter, Just in winter, perhaps Take me to your heart And it will blaze and burn In...

  • 101 ways to repel a marriage
    572 44 13

    #creativity awards 2019 runner up Love is injurious to mental, physical, social and emotional health. Ah! but who cares!!! Sushi was an expert at repelling marriage proposals and she was doing it for more than just ' I don't wanna get married now. (The rebel) Greeshma was interested in having a family life but her dar...

  • Happy Onam (COMPLETED)
    477 119 20

    MysteryIN april contest winner Cleaved awards 3rd place with highest score for orginality The midnight awards 3rd place winner Honourable mention in winter rose awards 2019 Keerthi Guptha was already in emotional and physical turmoil due to the case she was solving. The 'Kalan' case. Nobody knew exactly knew who Kalan...

  • Tutoring Mr. Perfect
    951 188 35

    Marianne Ridge the Second has always dreamed of becoming a writer. Unfortunately, after her family moves to Utah, that no longer seems plausible. When she's offered the chance to not flunk P.E. again this year, she leaps at it. Until she's told that she must tutor the non-attractive captain of the football team. As...

  • Unleashing my Inner Beast
    2.4K 389 18

    We're all human. But a part of being human is our Inner Beast. We all have one. It's this creature waiting for the opportune moment to escape, to claw its way out, embarrass you, and attempt to ruin your life. This creature, or beast, comes in many shapes and forms whether it be depression, anxiety, loneliness, or st...

  • Live With Joy
    2.6K 346 20

    Joy. We are in constant need of it. Inside are a few original poems celebrating Joy, happiness, love, and all sorts of other things. What's the meaning of life? I'm not positive, but I think it has to do with Joy. Everyone's life is even more meaningful if they can find Joy and happiness throughout it. How do you fin...

  • The Abused Luna [ON HOLD]
    1.1K 83 13

    *REWRITTEN* BOOK I MARITH STEELE: Is your average 17 year old loner and nobody. In school, she's always quiet, anti-social, always kept to herself with a notebook in hand, always wearing a sweater or hoodie, never makes eye contact and is always flinching when someone touches her. There's a reason for that. She is con...

  • His Broken Flower
    131K 4.2K 66

    Book 1 of His Series Callah Santiago is a 20 year old waitress and runaway rehab patient. Growing up, she was constantly being abused by her father and her mother did nothing to stop it. It got to the point where Callah started self-harming herself. She was broken and needed medical attention. During her time in the h...