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  • BTS Memes Just For You
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    savage for hater funny related memes all included in it Enjoy💜

  • I'm Not Jealous|completed
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    When y/n gets bullied by the popular girl and boy. They were a couple but what happens when Soohyun cheats on Jungkook with who?? Will y/n and Jungkook be good friends or more? Will someone get in the way of them?? Will Soohyun get help with revenge on y/n for stealing her boyfriend away? We almost kissed... "How coul...

  • ꧁𝕁-ℍ𝕠𝕡𝕖 𝕀𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤꧂
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    I'm not good at writing these But I'll try👉👈😌

  • Best Friends | j.jk
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    the boy you were secretly in love with. In your eyes he didn't really change but you are afraid of loosing him. You are making him feel happy and he is making you feel happy. He is proud of you. You are proud of him. You know him better than anyone else. He knows you better that anyone else. You are watching him flirt...

  • Secrets (Yoongi X Reader)
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    ⚠️this whole ff is full of disturbing content⚠️ if you at all triggered by the following ⬇️ (Self Harm, Abuse, Suicide ect) ⚠️ I advise you to read at your own risk or not at all ⚠️ Running from the law is dangerous, it all started with bullying then turned into this, but I met them so it's not half as bad as what it...

  • No Love-Marriage (BTS JiminxReader FF)
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    Y/n suffers anxiety and depression. She gets bullied by the school's Queenkas and now has to marry the arrogant, cold hearted playboy Park Jimin who did something disgusting to her. Can she handle this life at only the age of 15? Will they fall in love or will Jimin carry on hating her? Read to get the answers.

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    [COMPLETED]√ I'm sorry!!!!!! Pls comeback to me!!!!!..... • • • .....I still love you comeback I regret it just pls comeback!!!!..... *WARNING: This is a work of a fiction I don't own BTS. and the characters here in this book is in my own creation and sorry if I had any error or wrong grammar* Hi, so I'm new at writ...