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  • Wild Side || N.S.
    98.1K 3.3K 51

    It's 1987; the year of sex, drugs, rock n' roll, and the self destruction of two rock stars who can't admit that they're in love. [Started: 02.25.19; Finished: TBD] [#1 in Nikki Sixx stories - 08.04.19]

  • H E L L R A I S E R S / / NIKKI SIXX
    16.8K 551 12

    "A mean angel but a kind devil." NIKKI SIXX (THE DIRT) X OC Loosely follows The Dirt (2019) Netflix adaption of the Motley Crüe story. 18+

  • Primal.
    129K 5.6K 154

    It's 1989, you are in a highly successful all girl, hard rocking metal band. You're touring the world with a number of bands who don't take you seriously. One of them being Motley Crüe. While most of the bands view you as groupies turned femrockers, Nikki Sixx has decided to take a shine to you. A Nikki Sixx x Reader...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nikki Sixx Imagines
    2.4K 43 7

    Different imagines with Nikki Sixx that I hope you enjoy. It isn't specified if it's the movie version, the 80's version, or now, but any one you prefer works.

  • Get it For Free ~ Nikki Sixx
    82.4K 2.9K 47

    Being together constantly had caused an inexplicable tension between us- a sort of friction, if you will. Before Mötley hit it big, they were protective of me, but not in the way they were now; I had a boyfriend for a while and I was allowed to come and go as I pleased with minimal arguments. Of course, after a while...

    Completed   Mature
  • If I Die Tomorrow ➷ N.S.
    431 36 6

    "Alcohol, acid, cocaine.. they were just affairs. When I met heroin, it was true love." - Nikki Sixx • Nikki is on the brink of self-destruction after consistently succumbing himself within drugs and reckless habits. His band mates worry for him, and Nikki's life is withering away before their eyes. But amidst the tra...