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  • Legends Never Die
    730K 13.3K 41

    When Perseus Jackson is abandoned by the camp he knew as home, he disappears. A few years later, tales of dangerously strong monsters dying sees Artemis on a new mission to hunt down whomever is responsible for the sudden slaying of these beasts. Zeus wants to know if it's friend or foe. What will the Goddess of the H...

  • A New Member
    314K 8.2K 33

    I am sorry for making another one of these (not) so bare with me. I just love these types of stories. It's the Percy is the last of the seven, everyone else is basically dead and Percy joins the Avengers. Maybe there will be some twists but im not sure.

  • Nick Fury's Son
    71.5K 1.8K 10

    After the war, everything ended well. but that only lasted for about 2 weeks. Everyone except for Percy, and Annabeth died. Percy decides to go home only to find, Paul, Sally, and his little brother and sister dead. Percy, being under 18, needed a guardian. Nick Fury needs to go to an orphanage to interagate someone a...

  • The Day Mortals Met The God Perseus
    257K 8.2K 34

    Its been 57 years since Thalia was made Immortal. Its been 50 years since Percy was made a god. He serves as the God of Heros and Rivers. its been 43 Years since Nico became his Father's Immortal heir. its been 40 years since Annabeth Chase was killed by a dracena. Now Shield has noticed the yearly apperence of th...

  • The avenge full job of percy Jackson
    598K 16.9K 26

    Percy gets a job at stark tower, his job? The assistant and body guard of tony stark When the avengers move in they start to pry into his demigod life causing problems Percy is waiting for annabeth to finish Olympus so they can go to Rome but that has to wait Loki is back and he's not going down without a prize or in...

  • If There Is A War I'll Go
    162K 318 3

    I had an idea. Since most people have Tony as Percy's uncle I decided for clint to be his instead. The more comments the more I update. And read the authors note there's only one. I do have other percy jackson stories so check them out. Sequel is out called 'this is war'

  • Can a Haunted Past bring a Brighter Future?
    118K 3.4K 29

    The war is over. You would think the hero of this war would be out celebrating, and having fun with everyone. But not Percy Jackson. He can't be happy right now, because everyone he loves just died. He is the only remaining hero of the 7, his parents are dead, and tons of his other friends are dead too. So who does th...

  • Percy Jackson: The hunted (PJO/Avengers crossover)
    572K 14.7K 24

    After the war with Gaea Percy just wants to be left alone and have nothing to do with the gods ever again. Why? You will have to find out...... Meanwhile Nick Fury is well, furious. He can't find anything on a certain young adult and wants to find him. Finally, he catches sight of the mysterious man and sends the Aven...

  • S.H.I.E.L.D Chases Jackson
    83K 1.3K 22

    Percy has been on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar since he was 12. Fury calls on Coulson's team and the Avengers to take down the alleged inhuman and/or terrorists. Unexpectedly they come together to fight a new enemy. COMPLETED-October 21,2018

  • Irondad and Spideyson One-shots
    573K 18.4K 86

    Just a collection of one shots about the Avengers family and Peter and all that jazz. That's about it. Updates come at least once a week. DISCLAIMER: ALL OF THIS AWESOMENESS BELONGS TO MARVEL!! I OWN NOTHING.

  • Oh, My Soldier
    477K 13.2K 52

    Maggie Dornwall was a simple girl. Growing up in Brooklyn with an abusive stepdad, she met two boys who would become her best friends and protectors. Steve Rogers and James Barnes. What will she do when James is shipped off to war and Steve becomes Captain America? Will she follow the boys after falling in love with...

  • Before I Die (Split Souls part 1)
    941K 27.4K 55

    With Sally and Paul missing, Percy learns that he has a mortal uncle. Tony Stark was not expecting to find that he had a nephew; nor that said nephew was a terrorist, according to SHIELD. What side is he to choose, his work- with the Avengers(with SHIELD), or this boy- his chance at having a family? Likewise, the Aven...

    47.2K 1K 9

    «WHAT AN UNUSUAL HAIR COLOR... ...GIVE HER TO MY CHAMPION» °°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆ «WHAT THE HELL» °°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆°°∆ ____________________________________ Bruce Banner love story takes place during Thor Ragnarok because it was such a happier time... __________...

  • Spider-Man: Unmasked
    190K 6.2K 38

    Peter was adopted at a young age by Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, aka Captain America and Iron Man. Peter had been a normal kid - well, as normal as you can be when you have some of earths mightiest heroes as your parents and aunt and uncles. But, when he gets bitten by a radioactive spider, everything changes. Now...

  • Family Habits ( Percy Jackson and the Avengers)
    1.4M 35K 19

    Percy moves in with his long lost uncle, the great Tony Stark, a year after his mom and step-dad's disappearances. How will things play out with Percy's new girl and his new family. Also can he keep his demigod secret with two prying scientists, three spies, a well-meaning veteran, and an Asgardian who knows more than...

  • Adopted By a Billionaire
    915K 32.1K 27

    Six year old Percy Jackson lives with his smelly step father, Gabe. After watching his mother die right in front of his eyes, Percy becomes a selective mute. However, that doesn't mean he's useless. The kid has something hiding behind the sea colored orbs. It only took a cup of hot coffee spilling on his expensive sui...

  • Just An Echo
    64.9K 1.8K 27

    (Avengers fan fiction) Life on the streets was always hard for Echo but adding superheros, spy's, gangs and stones from outer space really put the cherry on top. After stealing from a group of superheros they're hot on her trail and when she witnesses the unusual death of a SHIELD agent it seems like everyone is out t...

  • Peter Parker Stories
    369K 13.9K 47

    Includes one shots and stories about: - Field trip - Intern - Meeting the Avengers - Meeting other Marvel characters - Irondad and Spiderson - Au's - Other weird stuff Tom Holland Spiderman Don't judge me on my writing. It's my first one and I've never done it before.

  • Spider-Son/IronDad One-Shots
    808K 29.4K 239

    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK. ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE LATE STAN LEE, MAY HE REST IN PEACE. I ONLY OWN THE PLOTS AND THE OC'S. Anyway, this collection of random One-Shots of Spider-Man:Homecoming and Iron Man. Also includes the other Avengers of course.

  • For we once so loved the world by HowlingDarkness95
    202K 7.1K 54

    An excellent crossover of two famous universes: Percy Jackson and Marvel. The story is well-written and unique, the author even promise for a sequel but unfortunately she seems to be on hiatus :((((( To HowlingDarkness95: If you have any problem with me copying your story on Wattpad here please tell me and I promise t...

  • Ace of Hearts [Loki Laufeyson] BOOK I
    60.3K 2.2K 35

    Magic is unpredictable. It's like trying to control water. No matter what you do to try and direct it's flow, the water will find a way to return to its original path. Magic is powerful. Like water, it can destroy. Water can eat through solid rock, shaped valleys, harbor millions of creatures, and provide beauty to th...

  • In My Heart (You'll Always Be)
    34K 1.9K 11

    Sequel to Lean On Me (I Promise I Will Not Fall) xxx Approached by his father Poseidon, Perseus finds himself confronting his past demons and assisting in a war he long thought over. With every new threat that reveals itself, the young god must wait longer to be reunited with the one he always fought for.

  • Percy Jackson, the Avengers, and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    339K 8.3K 33

    Percy and Annabeth are finishing high school at Midtown High. Phil and his team are trying to find the terrorist, Perseus Jackson. What will Percy do when offered to save the world again, but this time, with the Avengers. A/N: This takes place after the Blood of Olympus, Season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Aveng...

  • Spiderkid
    555K 19.3K 48

    Lots of spidey and his super family. Lots of Iron Dad. I was going to call it a one shot book but none of these stories are going to be JUST ONE PART. Fluff, angst whatever. Requests are open. I don't own any of the characters all rights reserved to Marvel blah, blah, blah. Also the cover isn't mine. I'm almost compl...

  • Siblings In Everything But Blood
    646K 18.1K 24

    She first saw him when she was 22 years old, and injured on a mission. He was 10 years old, and visiting an aquarium. Percy Jackson looked into Natasha Romanoff's weary but determined eyes, and decided to help her. And so, he pulled a lever, spilling his class and her enemies into a tank. That was not the last she saw...

  • Blind Date {A Chris Evans Fanfiction}
    368K 6.1K 91

    When two strangers are set up on a blind date and end up falling in love - a Chris Evans fan-fiction in Social Media form

  • Percy Jackson Meets the Avengers (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    548K 14.2K 26

    When Percy loses almost everything, he cuts off his remaining ties and heads off into the clueless mortal world. Percy builds a new family but is struggling to protect them. Percy must pull himself together to gain the trust of the Avengers themselves... But will Percy trust them? When all seems lost... Will there b...

  • My Past, Your Future
    157 6 3

    If there ever was a time for a person to be terrified about something, it would be now. Mari Stark-Barnes was someone who was serious when when it was called for. She was someone who needed rationality in order to make sense of a situation she doesn't recognize. So when a magic lesson from Dr. Strange goes horribly w...

  • The Last Delta
    4.6K 149 6

    Since the beginning of time, as long as anyone can remember, people have been categorized into three groups. Alpha's, Beta's, and Omega's. Alpha's where the warriors and protectors. Beta's were the diplomats. They would handle societies problems, and issues. Then there were the omega's. The Omega's were the caretakers...

  • Bucky's daughter
    95.5K 1.9K 10

    When Bucky Barnes was 'K.I.A', he left a daughter behind. A beautiful 16 year old girl. Irina was 5'9, tan skin, eyes as blue as the evening sky, and hair golden like a wheat field. However, the HYDRA agents that survived, kidnapped her. They tortured her, and turned her into: The Arctic Assassin