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    ur all little sinners >=3

  • Small Game, Big Win. [ Bendy x reader]
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    Y/N; a young pretty girl, who has a surprise package at home. She opens it and soon finds out that her life is going to be switched upside down.♡~ WARNING [Lemon] [ART IS NOT MINE ALL OF THE ARTISTS HAVE FULL OWNERSHIP OVER THEIR PEICES] {Btw I've been trying to make my own art for this story...

  • BATIM ReaderxHenryxJoey Drew COMPLETED
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    Henry puts in an ad for a new intern to replace him and Joey doesn't like it...but he has plans for how to deal with this intern and keep Henry here. Placeholder cover belongs to Aceofintuition

  • BATIM oneshots
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    Bendy and the ink machine oneshots!

  • |Mask Or No Mask| Sammy Lawrence X (Female) Reader
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    Lol I can't believe I'm doing this... Anyway, this is for my sis cause Sammy is her senpai >:3 (No inappropriate crap) Number 3 on #bendy ! (7/31/19)

  • |Old Memories| Norman Polk x (Female) Reader
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    Henry was your father and you used to come to work with him when you were younger. Joey Drew was a friend, and you loved Sammy's music. Basically, you were acquainted with mostly everyone. You didn't know Norman by name, but you recalled hearing it a few times around the studio. Now, years later, you wanted to see wha...

  • A Chat Full of Idiots | BatIM
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    [Flynnyboi has created "HI FRIENDS"] [Flynnyboi has added Sammeh_boi, King_Polk, payyourFUCKINGtaxes, I Want Cheese, Jackisawesome1, FuckYoInkMachine, Henrie, Cam-p-bells and DefinitelyNotAllisonPendle to HI FRIENDS] - Flynnyboi - LET'S DO THIS *** What happens when bored-as-fuck animation studio workers from the 20'...

  • Batim Smut
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    I cant believe im writing this and not even as a joke but. I really wanted to start writing smut and I adore batim so ;))) This will be a mix of things- shipping, xreaders, and a few with my oc, Bean.

  • candy (Bendy x Cuphead)
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    so I'm going to be do something special it's about Cuphead and last summer he lost his brother and he thought he would never find something to fill that hole his brother left. bendy lived alone for years he's going bankrupt so he needs money or he will have to live on the streets.

  • Bendystraw Oneshots
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    Just some oneshots about the greatest ship EVER. You can ALWAYS request a story, don't be afraid! I don't think I'll do lemons. It kind of makes me uncomfortable. But I'll write angst, AUs, or anything else!

  • Bendystraw comic :"P
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    just a bendystraw comic of mine or just some other bendystraw drawings- ;;;w;;; Aaannd why not post my comics here too '\_owo_/'

  • Bendy And The Ink Machine NSFW and SFW oneshots
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    Yeah I'm definitely going to hell for this so I might as well do it in style! :D This is literally a whole bunch of smut I'll be writing for BATIM - almost always x readers and mostly NSFW with some SFW thrown into the mix. So far I'll only do the human characters but if you wanna request then private message me with...

  • Ink Bendy x Reader - Alone Within the Ink #Wattys2019
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    Female reader! Completed! Everyone knows about Bendy; how he is a dangerous monster that stalks and attacks Henry. But what if I told you those stories were wrong, that everything actually wasn't as it seemed? What if Bendy was never dangerous? What if he was simply chasing Henry in attempt to help cure his own loneli...

  • The devils home~ Bendy x Reader
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    //I really have anything to do, so just making another story for fun.// When you were a kid, your father worked at an animation studio, Joey was one of your fathers closet friend, and worker. Not to mention Bendy who was alive that will spend his time with you, even Boris (Borris) though, those days went by... Somethi...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Am Alive 🖊 (Bendy x reader)
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    "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" A voice asked, from the darkness. I turned my head so that I was looking over my right shoulder, face contorted with fear. I looked down and saw something black and sticky at my feet, looking fairly similar to... Ink? I started to struggle, hopelessly thinking that I might be...

  • Sacrifice {Bendy x Reader}
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    (Y/n) (L/n), a normal girl in (ht/n) hometown. Its only because of a normal 'dare' and met someone, her life turned upside down. After they arrived, her life went haywire and became Dangerous. Deadly They're not suppose to be here...ceased to exist..but whenever time pass by, she started to Secured? She r...

  • Bendy x Reader Lemon
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    Wee wee! We will make thiz deliciously! Lmao so is Bendy like Sans? Since they have lots of fangirls.

  • Human!Heat!Bendy x Female!Reader (Master Bendy)
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    (Y/N) is a young girl who finds a job application and gets accepted, what will happen next read to find out...

  • human bendy x reader lemon part 2
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    bendy and borris killed Sammy and Joey in order to keep you safe. now you, Alice, bendy and borris are on the run from the police. what will happen next as your group flees the country? Story will contain yaoi, yuri and strait sex. All characters in story are 18+

  • human bendy x reader lemon
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    so I don't have it in me to make the other bendy story a lemon, so I'll do it here. all in this story are 18+ you are the adopted daughter of the great theif Stephano Lawerence (no connection to Sammy Lawrence) and sister to Jenny lawrence. a family living in the fabled thieves den of New York City. your favorit...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Just Ink....Bendy x reader {Complete}
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    You're father joey drew was a famous animator in his younger years but died from some freak accident,no one knows how but you were given the old animation studio that you used to run around in with a imaginary friends you would always play,draw and watch toons together. But he's back and so is his pal Boris. It's done...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bendy x reader smut (one-shots)
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    yep! doing this again! :3. also yes, there is mature content in this book. please read at your own risk ;)

  • Bendy x reader LEMON!!!!!! Bendy Human
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    you know it, pervert .... just read it in 4th in bendy (june 18,2019)

  • The Ink Devil's Mate ( Bendy x Reader LEMON )
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    Never once had you thought that she would ever end up in a situation like this. But now that you were here, you had two options. Either submit to your ink devil captor and let him do as he pleased with you, or refuse and be killed.

    Completed   Mature
  • BatIM Oneshots and Headcanons
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    ........This was the inevitable waiting to happen. I've been posting about BatIM (and, more recently, BatDR-) on my account a lot, so I knew it would be pretty stupid of me to not start writing some good ol' fanfics. Thanks for dropping in!

  • BATIM x reader one-shots (Closed)
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    So this seems to be the latest hip fandom, so I decided to make a one-shot book! Requests are open! Bendy and the ink machine, I like the game x3 sorta (BATAIM is not mine and the cover art is by me)

  • Batim x reader Oneshots
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    Being trapped in an animation studio is funny! unless it happens to you.

  • Fallen Angel [Bendy x Henry]
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    Henry Stein only wanted to borrow some ink, not fucking end up in a Toon World! Will Joey bring him back, or will he have to stay in the Toon World forever? Not to mention a certain demon takes interest in him but not in the good way... . (Edit: This is NOT a sequel to Gift from Heaven) (Cover Art is mine)

  • Bendy x Henry Oneshots
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    yeah, for some reason I love this rare pair, so I thought I'd write some stuff for these two. REQUESTS OPEN ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ALLOWED NO SMUT/LEMONS (I have a different book specifically for that)