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  • The Class Prince (Boyxboy) ✔
    11.1M 436K 41

    *COMPLETED* [Now published as a paperback on Amazon!!! Link in Wattpad + Instagram bio] His husky voice with a sexual undertone echoed into my ears as I stood there, blinking blankly as I tried to process what he just said. "What?" I asked dumbfoundedly, wondering if this was some kind of joke. The Class Prince took...

  • The Odds | ✓
    21.1K 2.7K 13

    Where Aden finally gathers the courage to confess to Neo, but accidentally ends up almost killing him.

  • Regret [BxB] (Unedited)
    242K 8.9K 31

    Demetri has always had feelings for his older brother's best friend Sean. Deep down he always knew the latter never felt the same way. After all, Sean made the straightest jock look gay. He confides these feelings in his best friend James. Unaware of the subtle gestures of affection his best friend shows him. But what...

    Completed   Mature
  • Roommates (BoyxBoy)
    8.7M 341K 38

    Owen Kelley expected a lot to happen during his freshman year of college. New friends, crazy parties, and insane amounts of homework were all on the list. Falling in love with his roommate, Hunter Cole, however, was not.

    Completed   Mature
  • Anything But Normal
    710K 48.5K 26

    Matt has a poster of a girl in a bikini above his bed. Cash Ryder has the scores for every one of Mozart's pieces glued to his walls. Matt plays soccer. Cash Ryder hates organized sports. Matt has two best friends. Cash Ryder hangs around with the kids who ride motorcycles on the weekends. Matt's family is conservativ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Better Sorry than Safe ✔️
    5.1M 232K 35

    Every Tuesday during football practice, sixteen year old Sem Bolton finds himself stealing glances at the gorgeous college boy jogging down the path next to the fields. He was his dirty little secret. His guilty pleasure. His unobtainable fantasy: safe and distant on the other side of the chainlink fence. Then, throu...

  • The Deal With Byrd and O'Neill ✔️
    335K 21.1K 12

    It's tough, being best friends with the person you love. Especially if the feeling is... mutual? Wait, what? Truly, neither Mason Byrd nor Cody O'Neill wanted to be just friends. It's just that Cody was fast in the swimming pool but not so much when it came to realising feelings, and Mason was terrified of losing...

  • On Thin Ice
    3.4M 163K 56

    COMPLETED [boyxboy] After his religious mother kicks him out for being gay, Elijah Ellis moves in with his father, where his step-mother, step-brother, and half-sister also welcome him. Elijah aspires to continue doing what he loves and play hockey for his new school, but his past hookup with the closeted hockey capt...

  • When we were Wallflowers
    245K 17.4K 23

    Everybody has an idea of what the perfect boyfriend is, and no matter how hard he tries, Brent just isn't that person. He isn't anybody's first choice, second choice, or even their last choice. He was simply there to not be particularly special to anyone.. or so he thought. Spin off of Enemies with Benefits but can be...

  • Jonah Clarke Is Not Gay
    4.6M 204K 35

    WATTPAD FEATURED STORY Daniel Evans is trying not to let his crush on Jonah Clarke get in the way of their new found friendship, because Jonah Clarke is definitely not gay. Placed third in the Valentine's Day Contest hosted by @taygetsthegay

  • Whore.
    2.6M 93.2K 42

    "Meat" has been a call-guy in Chicago's gay district for over a year and seems largely satisfied with his job. Until a peculiar new client makes him question if he should be serving his meat to everyone.

    Completed   Mature
  • My Bubblegum Prince ✔
    3.4M 157K 53

    Everybody knew Paxton Flynn was gay. Nobody knew anything about Sebastian Crown. Everybody had a crush on Sebastian. Paxton, well he has had his moment. Paxton's the popular nerd. Sebastian's the loner Jock. Paxton finds it hard to stop talking. Sebastian's always quiet chewing on a bubblegum. When these two worlds co...

    Completed   Mature
  • Not so Married [MxM]|√
    2.2M 98.8K 40

    On the same night Miller was going to propose to his girlfriend of two years. She announced her engagement to another man over dinner. Heartbroken and angry, Miller decides to interfere with their relationship. Little did he know he would end up falling in love in the process. [#First book in the marriage series#]

  • The CEO's Addiction (boyxboy)✓
    1M 47.8K 38

    Christian Ivanov and Alexander Hamilton have finally found each other. But it wouldn't be love, if every universal force imaginable wasn't hell bent on breaking these two up before their romance has even really begun. Among the lies, the family secrets, the revenge, and the addictions... will Christian and Alex have...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rage With Benefits
    2.7M 119K 61

    "I fucking hate you." "You shouldn't really say things like that when my dick is up your ass, Norris." Two hot-headed athletes with overflowing rage and unwinding sex drive is very much never a good combo. Bryce and Ian never see eye to eye on things. Despite being caged in the same group of friends in the same swimmi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Things I Hate About Adrian Vang (BoyxBoy)
    637K 27.1K 28

    Ezra Drake hated Adrian Vang with a burning passion for reasons the even he himself could not explain. That's why he was so surprised when their first study session included him fucking the smaller boy into his couch.

    Completed   Mature
  • Love, Romance And A Boy (bxb) - Completed
    175K 5.4K 20

    It was pure euphoria. When he pulled away, I immediately missed his lips against mine. "Fuck Zayn," he said hiding his face into the crook in my neck. "Why do you make me so happy?" Now that took me by surprise and I closed my eyes letting his soft kisses control my heart. Scott pulled back and cupped my face with his...

  • Play Me | BXB
    140K 4.6K 17

    Could it really be that a nerd boy can make the school's popular basketball guy gay? Elliot makes Damian consider if anything in his life is even real or just made up to fit in, while Damian makes Elliot break all of his promises to himself, including playing sports and letting someone touch him again!

    102K 3K 45

    Tyler a normal jock. He has a secret he's gay but his in the closet. Tyler life is perfect his parents love and accept him so those his big sister. But what happens when the QB finds out he threatens Tyler to sleep with him if not he would expose him. In the process Tyler falls in love with Jason. He also turns out pr...

  • The badboy and Mr.popular
    199K 6.3K 31

    Levi Brooke is the school's bad boy. He has the looks and all. He parties and drinks when he isn't hanging with the fam or keeping to himself. He has one best friend and that's his twin sister, and only his family knows he's gay. Parker Adams is the school's hot popular boy. He's rich, good looking, and the school's...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling, Fallen. ✓
    70.3K 4.3K 77

    [Completed] Roy Blanche dosen't do love and cares less about how others view him. But a chance encounter with a freshman of his college, Jeremy Dahl, changes everything. Jeremy can evoke long dormant emotions in Roy and now Roy has begun thinking otherwise. You know it―the feeling of being in love―just beautiful. cove...

  • Bathe in Color (boyxboy) ✔️
    173K 9.8K 109

    Paris Wills is a dreamer. His father always said he got it from his mom, an artist who was unlike any other. Her virtue was painting, and Paris' is poetry. No matter where he is, Paris finds inspiration for his poems. In the summer after his sophomore year of high school, Paris finds his biggest inspiration yet, one...

  • Moody Mr. R (Mr. Right Series #1)
    7.5K 465 44

    "Is there anything more interesting than crossing paths with you Mr. Rum?" Denver only wish to have a normal schoolyear. Make it as wholesome as possible and far from trouble. But fate has its own plan. When he and the moody Mr. Rum Ocampo Belonged to the same class of Film and photography, Twist and turns happen and...

  • He Didn't Say A Word [bxb]
    155K 6.8K 26

    Complete - [book 1] Killian Flinn was a name known by many. Instead, unaware of who he was, they called him "Blue".

  • Little Stutter
    409K 14.2K 38

    -Unedited- New book cover. "I-I'll miss y-you." I admitted sadly feeling as if I was going to burst into tears any second now. "I'll miss you too. But don't worry it's only a week and then I'll take you too the park." He smiled warmly at me and I smiled back. I set the cookies down on the ground before lunging mys...

  • My Step-Brother's Dirty Secret (BoyxBoy)
    2.9M 129K 39

    Sixteen year-old Chris Devero had no idea the nightmare he was about to enter once he moved into his new home with his mother. He liked his new step dad, Mark, and his step-brother Pablo. However, Chris was terrified of his second step-brother, Royce. Royce was the definition of perfection for Chris but the problem w...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire's Wedding Planner ✔
    6M 229K 37

    Wedding Planner's Golden Rule: Don't fall in love with the groom. Handsome, charming, billionaire playboy, Aiden Carlisle's wedding to beautiful, but demanding Caroline Baxter is set to be the event of the century. Sweet, smart and talented, Rosalie Darling is the best in the business; wedding planner to the stars! Pl...

  • Wayward (Wayward #1) ✓ [bxb]
    469K 23.7K 34

    ❝My heart is for sale. ❞ BOOK 1 (WAYWARD SERIES) Copyright © 2016 by Zoe Golden.

    Completed   Mature
  • Bayside Queens (BoyxMan)
    2.2M 105K 31

    "All CJ knew was that Quinn was different, and in Bayside, different didn't come around too often." A police sergeant at age 25, CJ Thomas was always destined for greatness. Every man wanted to be him, and every woman wanted to be on him. But that really wasn't CJ's thing. Nothing was really CJ's thing. Until the ki...

    Completed   Mature
  • Want
    405K 4.2K 6

    "I kinda want to choke you, no homo tho"