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  • Goodbye In February(ON HOLD)
    1.1K 55 8

    Second book to IMPRESSING MY FAMILY. Althea and Yamir are looking forward to their wedding in December and are excited to bring two little ones into the equation. However, when Althea gets a call about a new position offer, what will she do? Accepting this position would expand her career but force her hand. Expecting...

  • Unwanted Changes
    4.4K 526 31

    A girl named Mya Fields recently found out that she has powers like no other. Powers that could change the world. Her mother knows the fate that could lead her daughter into danger, so she sends her to a school with people just like her that contain special powers. Mya, even though she hates the ideas she knows it is...

  • The Mate of an Alpha
    7.1K 680 29

    This is a story that features a 17 year old girl named Annabelle Howard. Annabelle is the daughter of the alpha of, Bright Ridge pack. One night Annabelle is taken hostage and has no clue what is going on. When Annabelle wakes up she realizes that she was captured by the most ruthless pack in the world, the Night Moo...

  • Hunted
    3.3K 112 53

    Currently being edited/rewritten, please bare with me :) The tragic story of Annalise Walz, an average 18 year old until one fateful day changes that forever. Torture and love will come out of nowhere and chase her to the edge of insanity, how will she manage? Continue reading Hunted to find out more!

    Completed   Mature
  • Adopted by one direction
    5.2K 146 14

    A seven year old, Irish orphan's life changes forever whenever she gets adopted by Niall Horan and the rest of the boys from One direction. Joey is a lively, mischievous little girl but despite this she has had a dark, twisted past. Will Niall be able to deal with her past or will he crumble under the pressure? Will J...

  • Adopted By One Direction *COMPLETED*
    183K 3.1K 37

    Georgie Lux is a nine year old little girl. She once was an innocent girl but it was all stripped from her. She lived in a bad neighborhood with abusive parents until she was four years old. Her father was a rapist and abuser. He raped and abused her and her mother and would beat them senseless. Somehow, he was...

  • Other Fan Fictions
    1.3K 140 39

    This is a collection of Fan Fictions that I recommend to people. If you want your story in here just leave it in the comments or personal message me and I will definitely put it in. //Cover credits go to @onedirectionluv5//

  • Escape
    34.6K 952 24

    Franny Howard, 16 years old. Just an antisocial girl with a dark past and a black memory that no one has ever heard of, but someone will discover it all and try to help. Will love be enough to mend her scars? Will he mend her or will she break him?

  • Broken and Healing
    8.5K 1.7K 27

    "He's dangerous, darling. If you continue this, you'll end up broken." He warned me, his tone of voice stern but sincere in each word. What happens when Camila falls in love with Zayn Grey? She's in the middle of revenge for her parents murder. He's known as the Sinner, heartless, a filthy drunk, always causing...

  • Harry Styles' Little Sister
    128K 2.5K 39

    Winnie Styles, more commonly known as Harry Styles little sister.

  • Creeper and me
    119 5 5

    A girl and a creeper fall in love Who are unlikely at first But get to know each Other

  • Mr.mean
    60 2 2

    Jacob, a middle school bully, and his life

  • The wanted age play
    3.6K 49 10


  • The mean girl
    129 5 4

    It's Payton's first day at sugarcane hill She is very excited.... Until she learns more....

  • The 100th hunger games
    380 7 18

    To represent that the capital brought order to Panem each district will have to give up its own district number of tributes equaling 91 tributes