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  • Ask Lloyd!
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    welp I'm bored so why not.

  • Dirty and Wet: by Ladybugtrashcan
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    First off I would like to say that this magnificent smut fan fiction does NOT belong to me the creator of the story is Ladybugtrashcan. The story was originally written on (link below to check out the original version). All chapter summaries, chapter notes, and chapters are created as I saw fit to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ninjago texts
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    All your favorite ninja texting each other! Prepare to laugh, cry, and get the FEELS! I have a few continuous storylines which are notated in the chapter titles by their acronyms: Kai's Dating Adventures (KDA) I Have Problems (IHP) (Includes depression, cutting and heavy topics. NOT COMEDY. Read at your own discret...

  • Lloyd X willow (lemons) Lloyd garmadon love story
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    love hurts (contains rape lemons self harm ect)

  • Ninjago texts
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    I don't own ninjago just these funny text scenarios

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