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  • Miyuki Hatake
    32.1K 1.8K 89

    What if Naruto has one friend that believed in him and didn't treat him like a freak before he became a ninja follow miyuki as she and Naruto train to be the very best ninja! As Miyuki tries to uncover a few things about herself and her past.

  • ~● Ninja Heroes ●~ Naruto + My Hero Academia X READER
    94.9K 2.6K 73

    Reader-chan is a girl who lives by her own now cause her parents died saving the hidden live but then Naruto became her friend and now she is enjoying her life with her friends...what would happen if this new characters come through her life? Got to see, got to know!

  • Naruto's sister
    23K 947 24

    Akane Uzumaki big sister of Naruto Uzumaki, a kunoichi of the leaf. know for her strong will, her boundless love and her quick temper and hate for people who hurt her loved ones. If you somehow miraculously gain her love she would put her life on the line for that person in a second. she goes through life barely surv...

  • Convoluted Compassion
    82K 7.1K 44

    Shiroba Bokane was on suicide watch. After her child mind witnessed deaths of many parents, siblings, friends, and foster parents, she didn't want to see anymore of it. As she grew older, she managed to move into her own house, the suicide watch becoming more evident to the point they basically live with her. Genin te...

  • The Kinzo Master (Naruto Fanfiction)
    6.3K 252 21

    A young kunoichi is left on her own after the members of her clan are brutally murdered, leaving her mother and the newborn to grow up with no family/other ninja to help them. While she is trying to achieve her mothers last wish, she meets lots of new friends and attempts to adapt, which is fairly difficult for her, e...

  • Survival II (A Naruto Fanfic)
    4K 300 60

    "I'll kill you... once I find you... I'll kill you." Setting her own bloody path, Yoru follows her true instincts into Akatsuki and drowns herself with blood, experiments, and killing. The simple rules of "survival of the fittest" justifies her actions in the dark shinobi world as she reached further inside, grasping...

  • Why Did It Have To Be Me (Naruto Various x Skilled! Reader)
    306K 6.4K 79

    What happens when [Name], the prophecy of the [L/Name] clan meets all the naruto guys? What kind of bonds will she make? Will she be able to stop some events from happening? And just who will win her heart? Find out in Why Did It Have To Be Me! (Currently under heavy editing, so some things might not make sense) I don...

  • (Discontinued) Red Rainclouds (an akatsuki cats fanfiction)
    40.4K 1.4K 29

    Echo is a energetic , clueless otaku with a small (note the sarcasm) obsession with cats. So imagine how she would react if she found ten kittens that look like her favorite criminal organization, the akatsuki of course! Disclaimer: I do not own the akatsuki , but I do own my OC. So that counts as something, right!? [...

  • Angel The Reincarnated Ninja And A Land God?!
    490 25 3

    Everyone..... Everyone's dead.... Blood.... "Everyone,why sacrifice your wonderful lives in exchange for mine that is meaningless and worthless?...." Many bodies layed everywhere...... Fire..... 'For our sake....argh! save yourself Angel-hime! Please hurry!' Said my wounded uncle "Why?.....why die for my sake? Why do...

  • Welcome to the Real World (Modern Naruto Various X Reader X Anime Various)
    67.6K 1.9K 60

    Modern day 2017. The sun is out, people are going about their normal day, a dead body is in the alleyway, the Naruto characters have appeared, cars are passing- wait... A dead body and the Naruto characters? Now this doesn't seem right. "Either I'm going insane or are those the Naruto characters up ahead" "No [Name]...

  • Dwarf
    88K 6.8K 19

    A dwarf is a small humanoid creature that dwells in the mountains and in the Earth. They are variously associated with wisdom, smithing, mining and crafting. Edryn is one of the last dwarfs in existence, the rest of them having been wiped out. Running from her recently ruined home, she finds herself wandering through...

  • Living With The Biggest Knuckle Headed Ninja! (Naruto Fan Fic)
    511K 17.3K 58

    Harmony Akako lost her parents when she was eight years old. Don't worry, it wasn't because her family was "powerful" or had a gekki genkai. Far from it since they just owned a family restaurant. From hearing stories about the Leaf Village's ninjas she decided to go there after she lost her parents. Now she lives wit...

  • Heart In You || Naruto Uzumaki Love Story
    39.5K 2K 71

    > Over half a year has passed since the events of the first book. Now entering adulthood, Naruto Uzumaki is determined as ever to locate and persuade his rogue best friend, Sasuke Uchiha, into returning to the place whom he believes is his true home. However, with the Akatsuki still on the move and hunting down every...

  • Enemy of Mine [Naruto Uzumaki]
    2.7K 90 28

    Since the end of the Fourth Shinobi War, things have been peaceful. But what happens when an idol comes to the Leaf and has more to share than what was expected? Something is beginning to rise out of the ashes, and it is up to Naruto and the others to protect this new person of interest and stop the forces that are co...

  • Heroes [Naruto]
    23.3K 1.2K 38

    "I think that they forgot we are just kids, and they expect us to be everyone's heroes, when we can barely save ourselves." NO COPYRIGHTS INTENDED, I OWN NOTHING BUT MY OC'S. Warning; quite a cliche, half-troll fic. COMPLETED, BOOK 2: VILLAINS. EDITING AS OF --10\25\2016---

  • Yana Uzumaki {Naruto's Sister | Book 1}
    11.4K 215 12

    Yana Uzumaki is a sister of Naruto Yana is two years older than Naruto If she used the nine tails form she almost resembles to Kushina Uzumaki & Mito Uzumaki but then ........... what if something happened ........ happened special ........ what if the cold hearted boy then turned into kind hearted boy ............ th...

  • Within The Light
    4K 365 9

    Sequel to Searching For Light I found my light. I could keep traveling through this odyssey called life with those I cared for the most. Of course I knew it wouldn't be easy. I just didn't think that there will be more to this newly found light. Light draws out the dark. What I failed to understand was that darkness a...

  • Kakashi's Daughter
    732K 27.2K 42

    I'm Miku Hatake. Things I like and things I hate... I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future... never really thought about it. As for my hobbies... I have lots of hobbies.

  • Oblivion Rain (Naruto fanfic, Shisui Uchiha Story)
    16.6K 364 38

    Naruto Fanfic, Shisui Uchiha Story Well, a world where Shisui Uchiha did not die before the Uchiha Massacre.

  • The maiden of time naruto fanfic crossover
    43.6K 1.8K 9

    (Discontinued until further notice)A crossover of Avatar legend of Aang/Korra to Naruto. Aria is the guardian of the avatar therefore the spirits gave her the power to bend all elements to her will. At a young age , she mastered all the elements even the sub elements whilst travelling the world. Then suddenly, a di...

  • The Last Kaminari (Naruto Fan Fiction)
    604 19 1

    Charlee Gray is the adopted daughter of Leah Gray and the adopted sister of Logan Gray, but she doesn't fit in. For eleven years, she was beaten, abused, harassed, and badly influenced. And then, one a day, something inside her snaps, and she faints. Where does she pop up? In the hospital in Konohagakure, the Village...

  • Office Number 08 ( itachi x reader x shisui )
    58.5K 1.9K 21

    itachi x reader x shisui , office romance, lemon, and love triangles! I do not own Naruto. I do not own the art. Art by the Japanese artist, Lily.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Last Survivor of the Uchiha Clan? (Naruto Story)
    74.6K 2.1K 20

    Uchiha Sasuke lost his little sister, Yaiko, the day his clan was brutally killed by his older brother, Itachi Uchiha. Itachi kidnapped Yaiko and that hurted Sasuke's heart. Four years later, a member of the Ayame clan came to be a student of the Land of Fire. Her name was Yaiko Ayame. Truth be told, Yaiko Ayame was Y...

  • Sasuke's Baby Sister
    64.6K 2K 6

    [Warning: This story contains vernacular language and violence] He thought he was alone. Itachi killed them all and left him suffering alone. But little did he knew that he wasn't the last one of his clan (that he loves), nor that Itachi was not as cold hearted as everyone thought. He would soon find the person th...

  • Sasuke's twin sister
    8K 228 5

    After the massacre, Sasuke vowed to protect his little sister and kill his older brother. Sasukes sister just wants things to go back to the way they are. But will things ever go back to the way they are. Follow Sasuke and Saki threw the adventure and journey.

  • Kakashi's daughter
    4.8K 117 19

    This is the story of a girl named Nellie Hatake a girl in love with the show Naruto. She learned the hand signs and the words and they worked! She had the ability of the shinobi in the really world suddenly she was transferred into the Naruto world! What adventures will she go on read to find out!

  • Kakashi's daughter Okami Hatake
    9.3K 231 8

    The first chapter will explain it all and you will love this story so please read and vote