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  • The Little Orange Notebook
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    Another poem book to release all that teen angst. Oh and thanks again to Sarahjl24 for making the cover of the book it is great! Oh! Please don't steal my poems. They're seriously all I have in this world.

  • a c h e ✓
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    ❝She was too busy to realize that he did see everything in her − too busy to realize that he still does.❞ All rights reserved @ o p t i c a l i t y | 2017

  • jupiter's moons | 1 | ✓
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    he is jupiter and i am nothing but another lonely moon caught in his orbit. [ lowercase intended, unedited ]

  • 7:23 am | ✓
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    Natalia Volesky is dating the popular Brett Hamilton, but when she starts receiving anonymous texts, she falls in love with whoever's on the other side. ***** Seventeen-year-old Natalia "Talia" Volesky is living the perfect life. She's doing well i...

  • Noel
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    Noel Evans has had her heart broken every New Year's Eve. When her friends drag her to a New Year's party, she's not expecting much. The countdown begins, and time is running out. And then Jack Bennett showed up, and New Year's was more hopeful than it had ever been before. (extended summary inside) © Sadie Marsh, 20...

  • Seoulmate (Soulmate #1)
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    It was the right place. It was the right time. He was the right guy. But it didn't last forever.

  • The Record Store;
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    "You know what stood out to me when I first met you?" He asked me. I shook my head. "Most people who walk in here, I can guess where they'll go. Which genre, I mean. But you, you surprised me." "Why?" I asked. "Because you." He said. "You walked in here with a Fall Out Boy shirt on, and went straight for the class...

  • This Is Where You Learn to Move On
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    The random thoughs, the missing pieces of puzzles that I will never click together. Bits and pieces that won't end up in a manuscript. Highest Ranking: 16 in Poetry cover credits to the outstanding @eccentriphilia

  • 1.1 | Cherry Knots ✓
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    Declan Harte is hopeless at kissing. So when he seeks the help of Eloise McAllister, the girl who kisses brilliantly, he doesn't think much of it. After all, what kind of trouble could one cherry knot possibly bring? All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2013 by Noelle N. Cover by @stereohearted.