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  • Thorns And Petals [An Alozar Fanfic] (DISCONTINUED)
    3.6K 144 16

    Selozar, after being saved from AloneTraveler by his lover Albert, now lives peacefully with Albert and Jake. What happens in their day to day lives? Lets find out in this story!

    Completed   Mature
  • Worthless •jalbert• (on hold until further notice)
    143K 3.4K 53

    ▲ Warning ▲ -Depressing theme -Suicide -Self harm -Strong Language -Suicide attempts -Basically everything's triggering in this so beware ________________________________________________ Plot ➬ Jake notices Albert acting different. Not texting and calling him that much. Never active on social media. Like he disappe...

  • Loving Myths || RBLX Myths x Reader One-shots ~Hiatus~
    190K 1.2K 63

    Hello there! I'm Waifu_G0z, I wrote this book for people's satisfaction and for fun. Please be aware that I do not own anyone here as the Myths are their for selves and not mine. I respect the Myth's own relationship and I'm not against anything. This is just for fun, please be aware of that and please don't take thin...

  • "Infinite" (fem!Reader x Roblox Myths)
    34.1K 766 25

    You x various Roblox myths. This isn't a oneshot book but some chapters may be requested! The story is a partial real life AU and also, the reader is female, I would've made it non-binary but I had cute idea's in mind??? I'm sorry ;-;

  • (Mostly DU)~Just Myth things~
    85.1K 1.6K 65

    All Headcanon's Belong to Wholesome Myths. (Kinda dead book)

  • Our Promises | Selobert
    53.7K 780 84

    I introduce to you a selobert story. Some things aren't canon in the story, and it is sorta like an Au also inspired by many things like shows. (Example: stranger things, spn big time and more.) A little while ago Albert received a message from his "good friend" Alone Traveler, It was an invitation to a Christmas part...

    Completed   Mature
  • SeloTraveler (Selozar X AloneTraveler)
    2.5K 40 1

    uwu why the hecc did I make this

  • Robloxmyths Dare Book (random art)
    81.4K 1.3K 93


  • (Selozar x Reader) Can't Scar A Soul
    9.3K 126 12

    You have been abused at home ever since your Mom left. Your mom is a fashion model and your father finds you as a disgrace of a child that he denies is his. You barely have enough to eat and drink, all your clothes are torn, and you sleep in a cold, dark, damp room. Until one day when everything changes...

  • my love for him is contained Selozar X Albert ( Complete)
    14.3K 141 22

    Albert is the second biggest boss in the Roblox myth containment faculty. Soon he captures alone traveler and his "friends" he soon figures out that he's been secretly in love with one of them and that one special person is Selozar. though how much Albert loves Selozar and wants to start a life with him he cannot do...

  • The Fandom Art Series
    26.3K 937 106

    This book is no longer a myth book, sorry 😔 but it is home to a lot of cool shit. I promise I also love how this book started out seriously then it escalated from there

  • my pain✨
    5.5K 311 154

    ,,,,,,,,,i will buy your house!!,,,,,,,,,,, "there is nothing you can do to stop me" *i am incredibly rich and am full of an unquenchable rage *if you try to move into a new house ill buy that one too *youre never going to enjoy the comforts of modern living again motherfucker

  • Albert x Selozar without you (Old, Unfinished And Cringey)
    5.5K 129 15

    Salazar runs away from Alone traveler to find Albert and soon they develop feelings for one another

  • Draw your squad but its roblox myths
    14.9K 223 17

    Beware a am VERY BAD at drawing

  • The Days Union x Reader | ☆°Beautiful Night°☆
    9.7K 164 20

    Well yes but no. I updated this desc a long time ago but it didn't fUcking save. So uh, I own the book cover now, don't worry :o)

  • Relationship can change (selotraveler or Selone) fanfic
    10.9K 134 7

    Alone traveler actually falls in love with selozar over the year of abuse on him and they alone stop the abuse and dose something I suck a writing stories hope u like I have no ownership of pics

  • Scenarios for Days Union x Reader
    13.6K 173 3


  • Roblox Myths x Reader! [Discontinued For Now]
    18.4K 196 8

    So this is a Roblox myth x reader thing, sooooo yeah... there's no lemons in it BTW Maybe a few fluffs though