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  • It Will Be Okay (SONADOW)
    47.5K 1.7K 21

    Sonic has a depression. He blames himself for everything that is going wrong. Nobody knows that he is cutting himself. Until Sonic's friends organize a party for Sonic. How will they react? And what will Shadow do when Sonic confesses his love for him?

    Completed   Mature
  • We Learn To Love (SONILVER)
    2.4K 203 11

    After secondary school, Sonic is send to a special school by his parents. They notice he has difficulties with loving another, they don't even know if he is gay or straight. So to teach him how to love someone, he is being send to the Love School. His chosen partner is a girl but teachers soon notice that he isn't int...

  • fuck me up// sonadow
    1.5K 136 7

    "i want to die." "you have so much to live for but, i'd be more than glad to help." sonic feels like death is the only way out. too much of a wussy to do so, he puts his trust in shadow so he can do it instead. shadow has other plans though. gay shit happens. inspired by another fic. i'll link it if i can find it. T...

  • Like Father, Like Son
    1K 69 7

    I'm getting tired of descriptions. Just read the book to find out:P

  • Blue and hairy ~ sonadow
    51K 1.9K 30

    When Shadow ends up getting attacked one late night by a blue slobbery furball, it becomes apparent Sonic's 'problem' has returned...

  • personal prostitute// sonadow
    766 114 4

    "You know there's only one way to make me happy, right?" "Lemme hear it." After a bad breakup, Shadow, a young owner of his own shop, calls a prostitute to get rid of the stress and saddness from the aftermath. He enjoys having the sex worker under his comand so he calls for him almost every night but after a while...

  • The Herm Hedgehog
    1.9K 143 9

    Shadow the Hedgehog: He is a rare Herm in the Poor class, he was living with his parents until the Gouvernment found about him and his life will turn darker... Sonic the Hedgehog: He is a male blue hedgehog, living in the Rich class, he is the owner of the most beautiful Museum in the Rich class, his family is the own...

  • My Love [SonAdow]
    1.9K 215 25

    Sonic's love will the story ends? Read it to find out!

    Completed   Mature
  • A Bet's A Bet - A Deal's A Deal
    200K 8K 30

    Bill Cipher, a flirty annoying bastard who happens to be popular in school. Dipper Pines, a small cinnamon roll who is oblivious to be flirted at. He lost a bet and things change. Mabel Pines, Dipper's supportive twin sister, who have a girlfriend of her own. She made a bet with Dipper, and is helping him to enjoy the...

  • Daily Life of The Ukes
    35.8K 1.2K 33

    Sequel to "Do You Like Me? its just going to be a one shot stories. but basically about the Ukes (Sonic, Silver, Scourge & Gadget). i might do a story that continues, but only for a few chapters. hope you enjoy!

  • Love on HighSchool {Sonadow, Mephilver and Fleetourge}
    3.6K 95 9

    Edit: Do you believe on love at first sight?? Love is everywhere, it can make us do things that we least day you'll just realize that you have feelings for someone and want to be with them or be close to them and you will risk anything just to be with them (Well except for killing someone or yourself of...

  • My Name Is Punishment (Completed)
    871 114 23

    Scourge lives a life of misery with his father, Julius, who is an abusive tyrant in the city of Anti. He wants to escape the prison he calls life, but can't. It isn't until his father becomes sick of him that his life takes a drastic turn for the worst. He's been abused, betrayed, and tortured; what next? Fleetourge...

  • Love Through Text (Sonadow)
    7.5K 666 29

    After many years of rivalry against everyone, Rouge grew tired of seeing Shadow always being alone. Due to the fact that he was always busy with G.U.N. or would lock himself in his house, Rouge decided to show Shadow how to use a phone and start online dating. Of course the ebony one refused but what happens when he s...

  • I'm Gay
    910 101 5

    After years of hiding his sexuality, Sonic announces he's gay to the media. But when guys try to dominate the hero and claim him as theirs, Sonic regrets what he did. Cover made by @Ficlover17.

  • Haunted
    3.1K 281 15

    Sonic is haunted by a ghost who won't leave him alone. This ghost is particularly after Sonic's body. Lemons

  • Wilting Blue Rose ( Sonadow )
    3.6K 261 18

    Sonic was always bullied at school and abused at home. Sonic also cuts himself and suicidal... One bully named Shadow finds out about the blue one's life.

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Me [SonAdow]
    3.6K 98 11

    Shadow is obsessed with Sonic and he kidnapped him. He love him so much and if one of Sonic's friends know about it, Shadow will try to kill them.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Broken Hedgehog[SonAdow]
    3.3K 104 15

    Sonic and Shadow were having a bad relationship and Shadow try to fix what he have broke to his love,Sonic. WARNING!!(This also includes) cutting/Selfharm/Mpreg (I don't know what to think again.^_^) That pics are not mine...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mʏ Sє×ʏ Vѧmpıєя Rıνѧʟ (Completed (^.^) yay!)
    14.9K 590 17

    Wһєň soňıċ ɰѧʟҡs ıň oň oňє oғ sһѧԀoɰs ғєєԀıňɢs....ţһıňɢs ɢєţ ɞʟooԀʏ

  • Online Matching (Sonadow)
    560 68 5

    Sonic and Shadow both try out an app that gives them a match to who they to date.

  • Pills for Affection
    4.9K 361 13

    Addiction is an awful thing. Eggman's plan was give Shadow a set of pills to fuel his temptation to kill Sonic. Shadow only took the pills for the chaos emeralds Eggman offered. When the pills are switched out for an antidote Tails creates after Shadow nearly kills Sonic, Shadow takes them without realizing to finis...

  • Sonadow °•~Shadow Uke Maid~•° |||~Passion and Desire~|||
    17.3K 476 11

    Shadow serves as sonic's sex slave/maid only to find passion and desire in their lives

  • killer instincts// sonadow
    3.2K 393 18

    "you really think you can kill me?" "killing you is not what I'm here for." shadow robotnik is a world class hitman tasked to murder a blue hedgehog, hes an equally well skilled killer who murdered the family of the tasker. shadow goes out into the night and upon meeting sonic he grows a liking to him but wants to ma...

  • it's a trap!// sonadow
    4.3K 742 27

    "uh dude, i think your girlfriend might be a man." "what makes you say that?" bored out of his mind, sonic the hedgehog and his brother manic venture out to the bar, but there's a catch: the azure of the two is in make-up and a dress! looking pretty feminine enough, they decide to mess with the werido drunkies of the...

  • No More Pain
    1.2K 156 13

    Ever since the loss of his best friend Maria, Shadow has kept all of his emotions inside expect when he is alone. His depression has consumed his life. With the people of Mobius being disrespectful him and Sonic's friends hating on him all the time, all he wants to do is disappear. The only person who's even close to...

  • Blood (A Sonadow Fanfiction)
    3.1K 371 30

    Sonic the hedgehog is a fairly normal hedgehog, he lives in Mobius and has many friends. The only out of the ordinary thing is he is a hero! He saves the day and beats the bad guy. One day, when Sonic receives news about Eggman doing some weird things, he goes to check it out and finds the doctor doing some sort of r...

    Completed   Mature
  • The affair (A Sonadow Fanfiction)
    10.9K 886 30

    Shadow the hedgehog is a 28 year old CEO of a big company, he is very rich but not very happy. He's married to a vile woman that only wants his money and to make his life a living hell. They fell in love when they were younger but things didn't turn out as they expected. His wife, Rouge, started to grow greedy and cor...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wake Up Sonic
    8.8K 369 17

    •Sonadow, Teacher/Student • •As a college student, life is already complicated; even more so when through some strange seris of events you end up in a relationship with your teacher! Rated M. Equal parts drama and humor.•

    Completed   Mature
  • High School Obsession
    8.9K 438 14

    Story by: XxsonadowlovexX on FF Sonic transfers to a high, private school where he soon meets the popular and quiet Shadow the hedgehog. Though when Shadow shows signs of interest in Sonic, things quickly turn from good to worse. COMPLETE NO SEQUAL WILL BE MADE.

    Completed   Mature
  • Long Time No See
    327 20 4

    18 year old Sonic was finally out of high school and heading to college. With his friends heading out to start their new lives, Sonic is left attending the University of Sand Beach without knowing anyone. Or so he thinks....until he meets his new roommate and the trouble that comes with him...