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  • Dream With Me || D.k•°•
    420 34 3

    Kyungsoo fall's asleep, Only to share a dream with a man he's never seen. °·Started- Dec 9, 2018·° °·Ongoing·°

  • Her Hyung || D.ks·°·
    2.1K 187 7

    A story in which a boy loves a girls brother more than he loves her. °·Story inspired by @_shipper_fangirl Highest Rank: #22 In Chansoo

  • royals | sesoo au
    407 47 9

    Do Kyungsoo just turned 19 when his father , the king of South Korea himself insisted him to get married . The 19 years old prince has to disguise as a commoner and enrolled in one of a prestigious college to find a possible future king or queen . Oh Sehun , the heir of Oh legacy moved to the South Korea after 4 year...

  • Between the lines
    3.1K 193 3

    Kyungsoo's never met the man, though he supposes he's the closest person to the famous author. Kyungsoo's never seen his face, heard his voice, nor does he know even his real name. Kyungsoo is sure of one thing about him though... he's the most beautiful man in the universe, and Kyungsoo is completely, undeniably in l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful Goodbye [ Kyungsoo au ]
    851 23 11

    All Kyungsoo can do is smile a little longer and walk away as if nothing's wrong . - Part I ; Kyungsoo oneshot I N F O start - April 1 , 2019 end - April 1 , 2019