• The Wattpad Meeting
    1K 50

    Kaylee's life has always been normal--or as normal as it could get from being in a gang. Then one day she finds out that Wattpad was holding a get together...

  • ((editing))
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  • Prank War
    2.6M 48K

    One million dollars. That’s the prize for this year’s annual prank war at Kainler High. When sixteen year old rebel Ariane Laker gets kicked out of her fifth...

  • Scarred, Not Broken
    331K 5K

    What everybody else saw, so did Valerie. They pitied her for the scar on her face. But she refused to pity herself. She believed in her strength, in who she wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alone on Cloud 9
    1.7M 20K

    Everyone has that one guy. The one who broke your heart, the one who got away, the one you can't decide if you regret. Because the thing about first loves' is...

  • I wish all guys were like my Best friend!
    1.3M 15.8K

    "Best friends don't date their best friends!" Tasha Olivier has always been left by all the guys she has dated. Why? She expects them to be like her best frie...

  • The Other Pack (completed)
    1.2M 9.7K

    This is a sample. The whole book can be found on Amazon. Thank you! Whitney has the perfect life. She's dating the quarterback of the football, her grades are...

  • The Junk Drawer
    1.4M 19.6K

    This is a collection of stories that, at the moment, I do not have time to finish. Either I have lost interest in them or I have hit a wall when it comes to wr...

  • My Delivery Boy
    1.6M 45.6K

    Maisie Lockhart is your non-believer of "love at first sight". Until, it may become an awaken belief when a particular delivery boy catches her eyes one day at...

  • A Family Of My Own
    987K 8K

    Becca Baker's all grown up! The eighteen year old is in love with her long time boyfriend Noah, close with her little sister Emily, and quite often babysits he...