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  • When Shall We meet Again
    51 5 2

    Pharm keeps having nightmares he can't comprehend or trace where it all began. He meets a man who he quickly develops feelings for but he has this strange feeling that he knows him from somewhere. Will Fate let this love blossom this time?

  • AFTER DARK [mxm]
    209 58 14

    The love they found - out in the dark - continues - after dark. Featuring Michael Aloni Nicholas Jacob A short fan fiction story. (This should be the first or second 'Out in the Dark' fan fiction book on wattpad, so enjoy) :)

  • Walls and Eyes
    2.3K 829 39

    A young handsome heir, Maxime Lacroix has a life twisting moment - he suddenly finds himself caught between surviving an accident that took his father's life and left him blind, and finding out if been alive is an option for for him. Now his nurse is dead. Or was she killed? Once a nutritionist, now a medical assista...

  • Tulips The Series - Thai BL Drama ✔️
    17.4K 657 76

    New story... Featuring the handsome casts of 2moons and Love by chance. Other fictional characters A Thai inspired boylove novel. A Mean Phiravich fan fiction. For BL fans. No fluffs... 😅 Ice, the rich bad boy, a known player in school meets Earth. Earth, the poor and innocent, desperate for money, trying to make...

  • The Magic of a Single Kiss
    23.1K 1.7K 18

    Tin, a young nobleman, is at the center of many's envy. Not only is he handsome, but he is also adept in magic. One day, however, Tin finds himself stolen of his magic and must rely on the help of others, something he had long forgotten how to do after he closed off his heart. Can lives a peaceful life doing what he...

  • Hello Tin
    8.4K 338 5

    This is not a typical TinCan story where Tin is someone who's rich and fell for Can. No. Inspired by a Filipino story "She's back" "I remember you left" or should I say. "You're dead." "Then how can you still make my heart beat Tin?"

  • 2~Wish [MeanPlan]
    14.1K 876 19

    Two returns from London after five years. He is now an actor and singer. He lost contact with his first love. How will he find him in Thailand? He gets a contract to feature in a music video, where he meets the only one person he had been searching for.... Wish