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    "C-carrots??" A girl who doesn't believe hybrids are real until she sees one. I was deeply inspired by @Mochi9988 I give all credits to her and everything. Her books are truly amazing so please check them out.

  • My Supposedly Stuffed Bunny || j.j.k
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    Park Y/n, little sister of Park Jimin, was given a gift for Christmas from her dad who was rarely home. It was a cute grey stuffed bunny with a yellow bow tie. Everything was normal until one New Year's Midnight got Y/n's life f(FLOWER)ed up "Hi Y/n-ssi" Ranking #1 - idekanymore Ranking #2 - koreanfanfic Ranking #2...

  • My Bunny, My Idol | j.jk
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    One day your favorite kpop boy group suddenly went missing for the past three days and the next day you just found a bunny in a cage in front of your house with a letter that's written... 'Take care of him with all your heart and love him. Please take care of Jungkook.' The bunny also have the same name as your bias...

  • Ugly (J.JK ff)
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    "Why are you wearing sunglasses at night?" "Because why not?"

  • Silent Love {Slow Updates} [Hybrid!Namjoon X Reader]
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    Adopting a Hybrid... okay, let's see. Name: Namjoon Age: 12 September 1994 Hybrid: Lynx/Human Traits: Silent, will rather use body languish. Hides a lot, likes to be up at night. "So, this is your home now!" You looked back at the hybrid who was standing right behind you.

  • Begin | JJK
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    For most young women in Korea, it would've been a blessing to even meet the young, care free, rich, playboy by the name of Jeon Jungkook. He was the son of one of the two business powerhouses that South Korea had to offer. You however, were the daughter of the two rival companies of Jeon Enterprises and it all made ma...

  • My Past Mate Rejected Me
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    "You rejected me!! Not the other way around!!" I yelled at him, tears streaming down my face. "I know." He says, he head hangs low. "And I'm sorry. I should never have rejected you." He went to take my hands into his but I turned away from him. Tears were still going down my face. How could he, after all this time, h...

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  • Tint «j.j.k»
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    "I don't care, you need to make a wish. Birthday wishes always come true." She frowned as she pinched the sides of my cheeks. "Mm, fine." I clasped my hands together and shut my eyes slowly. Because our 365 days flew by before we knew it. -- Highest #329 in short story 12/09/17 Welcome to the buildup of a roller coa...

  • Noona |J•JK
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    "When Kookie grow up, kookie marry Noona!" He exclaims, exaggerating with his arms. You can't help but chuckle at his cute behavior. "Yes, kookie will marry Noona." You smile.

  • Black Bunny Love (J.J.K FF)
    72.9K 2K 16

    "Your nothing but a Demon just hoping around groping girls" "You CAN see me"

  • The nerd is a werewolf
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    Being a nerd isn't easy.being a werewolf isn't easy either.but having the bad boy as your mate is one hell of a ride. •slow updates•

  • Eclipse - Werewolf!Jimin x Reader
    60.7K 3.1K 11

    It's not your fault that you and your friends were camping at night, and you got lost. And it's not your fault that you ended up just falling asleep in the middle of the woods. And it's DEFINITELY not your fault that you wake up to a wolf casually laying on top of you. But it happened, and now you're mated to that wol...

  • His Mate
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    Can a human ever be a werewolves mate?

  • Mates(Taehyung x reader)
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    Kim Taehyung is an alpha of the Kim pack. (Y/n) is the alpha in training for her pack. What if both alphas were mates what will be there reaction and what will they do? Will they accept their life of that the moon godess did for them or will they reject each other? What are the adventures that they will go though? Rea...

  • bts ff Her Wolf suga ff
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    a girl is in the world getting hurt see what happens next

  • Lost and Found | Jungkook ✔
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    Running away and getting lost in the mountainous forest was a mistake, but you meet a wolf that is like no other, who helps you and you instantly grow attached - maybe it wasn't a mistake and it was actually fate. _______ Warnings: contains blood, violence, death, and mild language! _______ Highest Rankings #1 btswere...

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  • teen wolf | BTS
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    ❝ they found a body in the woods ❞ ❝ a dead body? ❞ ❝ no a body of water, of course a dead body! ❞, said jimin and dragged his best friend jungkook into the forest.

  • Teen Wolf |Jungkook FF
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    "Why the fuck are your eyes Turing purple" he said examining my face while simultaneously turning his head like a curious cat. "I-I eat a lot of carrots...yea carrots" i said calmly while the thoughts in my head screamed that I was fucked...big time. AU where Y/N is a Cayote and moves to a new school and town to start...

  • BITTEN (BTS werewolf au Namjoon x Reader)
    26.8K 880 28

    Rule number 1 of the holy book of witches: Witches may never have intercourse with a werewolf. Every violation will be punished. You were a witch, he was a werewolf and it was forbidden. started: 03/11/2019

  • The Fight Between Love *Complete*
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    This is a Ff for Bts Jungkook please Leave a Comment if you want me to do other members anyways! Enjoy!!

  • The Rogue Mate (#justwriteit)
    65.7K 1.8K 24

    Running. I need to run. I can't stop running not until I'm safe. I increase my speed as I continue to run deeper and deeper into the forest. We're almost there we can make it.... come on just a bit further y/n and you're free. Reader×Jungkook

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    YoonMin Oneshots Werewolf AU

  • Mate?
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    (A Park Jimin ff ) This whole time my wolf was jumping in excitement and he kept on mumbling the same word like a broken radio. Mate.Mate.Mate.Mate. My eyes widened when I realized what my wolf was saying. 'Mate?' Cover credits @jiminiayo 🐼❤

  • A Wolf Who's In Love With You ( Aka The Taehyung V BTS werewolf Story)
    53.9K 1.8K 26

    #WattpadIndiaAwards Warning : Not a cliché . And definitely gothic . Highest ranking- 110 in #werewolf . What mystery unfolds when dark raw power meets a pure ,soft soul. Trust the moon , it never makes mistakes . Gods don't eer . She is his heart as he is hers . A deep love story of a star lighting up the dark unfol...

  • Full Moon // Jungkook Werewolf AU
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    "Congratulations sweetheart. You survived our full moon." ~Ranked: #902 in Fanfiction on 24/12/17~

  • Kill Me With your Love || jungkook×reader(hiatus)
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    A story all about this female who LIVED a normal life until this guy made one mistake in one night which led him to her..... And everything turned into a mess. (Guys i made this two years ago, it was once a draft a year ago then published....i reread this book and damn is it cringy.) ~♥~ (Slow updates.... very slow) ...

  • Drop Of Eternity ✔️
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    Dancing was your life, but you never were able to make a career out of in the way you dreamed. Injuries from your hard work always took you away from the big times, and office work made you miserable. Finally, impressing the 7 owners and operators of Big Hit Entertainment you score a 5 year contract as an Elite dance...

    Completed   Mature
  • Quiet boy
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    Y/N was new at university , a boy in the corner of the room caught her interest. And apparently she caught his. A cute love story - taehyung ff It's my first story so please tell me what you think ! /HIGHEST RANKS #1 readerXtaehyung, #43 shortstory, #34 ff/ ~ i have a new story (namjoon ff) called "the boy next do...

  • S W A E G [M.y.g ff🌹]
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  • BTS Texting FF [Yoongi]
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    You have no idea what k-pop is, and you don't really care. Well, until you find out your best internet friend is an idol... Then things get a little complicated...

    Completed   Mature