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  • Aĉaĵego
    1.8K 268 17

    In Floreca's village, human sacrifice is a necessary evil. The monstrous-looking angel, Aĉaĵego, demands one sinner every month. But when Floreca and her older sister become the sacrifices, Floreca questions if the Aĉaĵego is really as monstrous as it seems. As she awaits her death, Floreca seems to be developing a s...

  • Psychic Detective Team - Uncover the Supernatural Phenomena (COMPLETED)
    7.6K 663 47

    EDITING!! Shibasaki's Detective Office isn't just an ordinary detective office. The investigators at Shibasaki's Office have unusual special abilities. Not only they have unusual abilities, but the cases they handle are also far from ordinary. The Shibasaki's Detective Office is specializing to solves the "unsolved"...

  • Kitsune's Protector | Unedited
    9.5K 1.6K 38

    "When the darkness knocks on the door and the chains of an eternal prison are weakened, that is when a vessel shall be chosen from the same bloodline as the key, and with Kitsune's power, the evil shall perish from the face of the earth." That is the prophecy that had been bestowed upon the Hamasaki bloodline for many...

  • What She Left Behind ✔️
    17.4K 2.1K 44

    "I'm assuming that little speech was meant for me?" "It was meant for everyone." "But mostly me. Is it because I called her selfish earlier? Are you still hung up on that?" "I'm not hung up on anything, Gemma." "Then why would you go up there and say that?" I demand, my voice rising above a whisper. "Of all days, why...

    Completed   Mature
  • AGONY ✔
    137 22 2

    Alice was a normal teen like any other girl in her small town. But something happened that night, in that operation chamber. The doctors, they did something to her. Something unknowingly that changed her forever. Something that mustn't happen to anyone else. They should have poisoned Alice that night, but they coul...

  • Living Monsters (short story)
    494 105 4

    A legally separated couple faces monsters, dead and alive.

    Completed   Mature
  • Unfinished Business : The Ghost Of Aidan D. Farrell
    338 57 4

    [CONTEST SUBMISSION by @Ghost] [UNFINISHED BUSINESS: THE GHOST OF AIDEN D. FARRELL] [Word count: 7400] HOPE NOT EVER TO SEE HEAVEN. I HAVE COME TO LEAD YOU TO THE OTHER SHORE. INTO ETERNAL DARKNESS INTO FIRE AND INTO ICE. (By Dante Alighieri) Aiden D. Farell is a Professor of physicist and parapsychologist. He claime...

  • Birthday Balloons (short story)
    60 9 1

    A bundle of balloons and an awkward situation.

  • Paranormal Anthology
    394 25 17

    Do you really think "spirits" sit around all day waiting for it to get dark? The devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you've ever wished for! Being a real Paranormal Investigator isn't about running around screaming or negatively provoking reactions. It's about finding brea...

  • Letters on fire
    389 121 4

    A short story about love, loss and a new beginning. Twenty years have already passed since the death of his beloved Rose, but Ron is still unable to move on. One of the reasons he still suffers so much, might be the cruel, mysterious letters... Letters accusing him of murder. Will Lily, his best friend, be able to hel...

  • Solipsistic Heartbreaker
    12.9K 6.3K 23

    a journey through heartbreak - • featured in @Romance's reading list • • featured in @TeenFiction's reading list • • featured in @CoffeeCommunity's reading list • • lowercase intended •

  • My Big Collection of Poetry (Completed)
    536 149 18

    Just a collection of poems and a teenager point of view on life and other point of views. 1st huge collection of poetry....(ongoing)

  • The time travelling sibyl
    842 187 5

    One morning, a time travelling girl appears in Jenny's bedroom. That's the beginning of her unusual adventure. Jenny, an ancient history lover, always longed to visit Pompeii. She dreamed about walking among the ruins of the ancient town. But she didn't expect to find anybody hiding there, waiting for her... Jenny's t...

  • Ish and the Golden Falcon
    26.4K 3.6K 65

    Ish is chasing the rarest bird in the world, and so is a ruthless band of hunters. The air is contaminated. A monster with countless heads lurks underground, resurfacing often to ravage cities and feast on crows. Ish is unarmed. Carrying only a net and logbook, he rides alone through the wilds where mischievous little...

  • Just One Dance
    2.4K 533 25

    ▪ Part 1 of the Zivriam-series (COMPLETED ✔ BUT NOT REVISED YET) The realm of Zivriam has a complicated history to say the least. Once part of a great kingdom, Bassan, it is now a divided and dangerous place. In the midst of this chaos you'll find one quiet, perhaps even boring town called Varrakh. The people here a...