TatianaYoung's Reading List

  • The Viking's Hold (First 11 chapters)
    • JVernis
    • 66 parts
    9.3M 102K

    This book is now available on Amazon and unfortunately they won't allow me to put it up elsewhere for free, not even the unedited draft. Sorry! The Vikings! Ae...

  • Death Is My BFF (Book 1 - Watty Award Winner 2011) *ORIGINAL SERIES*
    • katrocks247
    • 53 parts
    13.9M 366K

    This is the first book of the Original Death Is My BFF Series, which won the Watty Awards in 2011! *** Death came knocking at her door. Well actually, he poun...

  • Never Call A Wolf Gay, He'll Bite You In The A** For It Later
    • makemebreakme555
    • 21 parts
    • Updated a year ago
    1.2M 29.6K

    Incerpt: The man stood up, revealing his intimidating form. Massie wondered how she hadn't seen him, this dude was a monster. His golden eyes glared at her col...

  • Tea Time [Editing & Revising]
    • Poindexter
    • 48 parts
    42.8K 1.4K

    Ethel and Eli are twins on the brink of separation. While nearing the age seventeen Eli knows he is to be drafted into the Union Army and fight against his you...

  • To Belong To Him - Prologue
    • imohassangha
    • 6 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    244K 3.3K

    Mika has spent most of her life in a submissive role to a man whom she believed was her brother. With this role Mika has known nothing but hate, revulsion and...

  • Sealed Fates
    • Livinbetweenthelines
    • 7 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    2K 152

    Aria Nightingale has never thought of herself as being anything special. Her parents disappeared when she was young, making her alpha of the disgraced rogue p...