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  • love and lights
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    my love is threaded upon pinpricks of various lights. when it is lost, i crumble in the darkness. #projectasthete

  • Sorrowful Thoughts
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    Don't Be Afraid To Cry It will free your sorrowful thoughts. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ poem|musing|prose|open letter 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 Highest ranking got: #22

  • Love Potions | ✓
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    A love potion is never enough. It is simply infatuation dressed in the robes of love. It is nothing but temporary, because true love is much more than that. Eilish Dawson and Carson Miller never thought they'd have to go through this. What seemed to be an innocent experiment for a school project would lead to so much...

  • graphic shoppe [ CLOSED ]
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    "normality is a paved road. it's comfortable to walk on but no flowers grow on it." - van gogh [ ] open [ ] closed [ ] closed for catch up [ ♡ ] under renovation to serve you better (also closed) come in come in, and have a look of my little store. i offer; covers banners aesthetics icons signa...

  • Julian And Alexandria | ✓
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    No, this will end up in heartbreak. No, it will never work out. No, this is fake. But I follow my gut and give in to the cliff, ignoring the hundred and one warnings that scream no. "You're the only one, Julian. I love you." I love you. Some of us yearn for those three magical words to pop out of nowhere like a pe...

  • Utterly Impossible | ✓
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    ❝i think there is no such thing as a coincidence, because everything happens for a reason.❞ - Cassidy French Cassidy French has lived her whole life heartless and cold; mainly in the field of romance. But when she was twelve, a single dream about her old classmate was able to change everything. After that, she...