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  • Never Seen A Guy Like Me--A supernatural parody
    518 30 1

    It's a parody of Friend Like Me from Aladdin. I did not write this, I simply posted the lyrics. All rights go to BlueWonder from Sound Cloud. I simply fell in love with the song! It's about Gabriel incase you couldn't tell...

    5.1M 127K 197

    Preferences of some of your favourite boys! Includes Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Balthazar, Lucifer, Michael and Crowley. Please don't hate me! My original ideas. Includes swearing. #1 in supernatural 23/09/15 #3 in fanfiction 18/12/15

  • Supernatural Imagines & Preferences
    225K 8.2K 63

    Here's another collection of imagines and preferences for the people who love Supernatural :) Feel free to drop requests etc.

  • How are you here? [Sabriel/Destiel FanFic]
    111K 4.4K 25

    With Gabe “dying" and the War in Heaven, Sam and Dean Have enough to deal with . But after Gabe returns and the Winchesters realize they are... Different. They don't want to tell anyone, not even each other.

  • Deaf - A Merome Thriller
    6.6K 329 23

    Mitch is deaf, so Jerome's responsibility as a husband is to look after him and keep him away from danger. However, Mitch and Jerome always seem to be in bad luck. What will happen to #Merome? ;)

  • videos/songs
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    this is a book of videos and/or songs

  • Chatroom/ask/truth/dare with tc YAY
    937 46 18

    Chatroom asks truths and dares from the characters of my story including me! Kinda

  • Two Brothers (thorki)
    49.9K 1.4K 9

    This is a thorki and I intend it to be dirty and messed up so you kinky fucks out there enjoy!! I don't own any of the characters or places!

  • Random OneShots (Open)
    4.5K 130 16

    When I get bored, I usually write, so heres the result. Be warned, I get bored alot. My ideas will be weird and will either make you really disurbed, really sad or really into the shipping. You can make requests, I try and do everything Youtube (now includes ANIME).... NO. BOYBANDS. I don't like making forms, so make...

  • running from who you are skylox merome sparkant setosolace munchinguniverse
    12.9K 188 41

    When the fluffy bacca and the mudkip find a mysterious girl in the woods appearing to be running from something and she passes out and they decide to take her back to the Sky Army base in Spawn City will the girl and her dark secret unknown, even to her, destroy the Sky Army?