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  • Finding Selin, Finding home
    1.3K 73 7

    An idea born out of this tweet: „i predict a sudden interruption due to the exlül affairs, selin leaving, angsty demir chasing and a very hot reuninion with a scene on the level of our first kiss! universe(i mean ender) do you hear me? i like this idea so much, imma write a oneshot!" and as we're in a rtük-free world...

  • Love Me, Istanbul
    2K 98 8

    Demir Erendil made a mistake - one that cost him his job. After talking things through, the chief of the Istanbul Police decided to give Demir an assignment to redeem himself: track down a dangerous criminal that mysteriously disappeared 20 years ago. Along the way, he meets the intelligent, attractive and bubbly Seli...

  • SelDem One-Shots (English)
    292 16 1

    A collection of SelDem one-shots; ranging from alternate universe to variations on the current plot lines.

  • Selin and Demir, a modern fairy tail
    1.1K 44 4

    A series of one-shots about Selin and Demir from Her Yerde Sen. I haven't seen a lot of fics about them in english yet, so here we go. If you read my EK fics, you know my style. Drama, love, fun, angst... Enjoy <3

  • All the time ♥
    886 35 3

    ♥ Demir&Selin oneshots

  • ☘️Her Yerde Sen☘️
    474 39 6

    Her yerde sen....

  • Back Home
    218 6 1

    Demir wakes up with Selin after he returns from Paris. Will he be able to leave the bed before he loses control? Or will his longing for Selin take over? Mature content.

  • Moonlight
    431 17 2

    Selin and Demir in the woods, arguing just before the kiss happens. This is a piece I wrote based on the episode 10 fragman few weeks back. Enjoy!

  • Too late to apologize
    1.6K 74 10

    A SelDem story! Some time after the revelation of all lies and Demir's harsh reaction to them and the added one that reckless Merve hinted at. After the storm they were fallen in respect based relationship at the firm and (were acting like) ignoring eachother at home. Demir understanding Alara's game and shutting her...

  • We need a bit more time
    627 54 6

    I started writing this a while back. It was inspired by rumors that Miran would get hurt in ep12 and/or that the proposal would be interrupted. This is my interpretation of what would happen.

  • Hercai - Fickle Heart
    11.6K 610 21

    Everything started with a sudden death , that brought anger and hatred upon a heart ..... The heart of a guy , that was beating without mercy full of destructive feelings, until those feelings became too dangerous , they led him to the edge of the abyss ...... The memories were more painful than the wounded past t...

    2.8K 32 1

    This is a fanfiction story about Omer and Defne, main characters of Turkish TV series KIRALIK ASK - LOVE FOR RENT. I decided to write some alternative version . Hope you will enjpy it as much as I did.

    Completed   Mature
    12.8K 152 18

    An alternative second story about Omer Iplikci and Defne Topal. This fanfiction starts after episode 51 when Omer apologises to Defne.

  • Hercai
    525 12 2

    After Miran proposes to Reyyan, does Reyyan say yes? Miran finds the truth about Hazar şadoğlu and immediately leaves the Aslenbeys and goes to the şadoğlu's. And did Elif fall in love with Azat while she was protecting him? Elizat? Read Hercai to find out what happens to everyone.

  • The Maybe Game
    65 3 1

    A very short LeyEm fanfic, an alternative scene from the episode 7.

  • Find you
    1.8K 38 4

    Collection of Reymir Oneshots/Missing scenes

  • Reyyan and Miran... a story of love and hate
    28.6K 710 37

    This is a fanfiction story, about what could happen in Hercai, the amazing Turkish show. Please note, I don't own the characters nor the pictures, and these scenes are not related to the book, but I was inspired by its characters, created by the writers of Hercai Dizi. I only write about them and possible scenarios th...

  • Chocolate & Whiskey
    3.9K 172 11

    [Drabble Collection] They're different. So different. Searing scotch whiskey in a glass with transparent ice cubes. Strong drink helped to forget. Perhaps, that's why Emre loved it so much. But hot chocolate remained the best delicacy for Leyla. Appetizing dessert decorated with a weightless white cloud of cream. ___...

  • Murad Divit - An Erkenci Kus fan fiction
    2.6K 143 6

    It's 2045 and here is the story of young adult Murad Divit the son of Can and Sanem of Turkish show Erkenci Kus. We will read about his life in general and obviously love hehehe. This is his life... Will organize this book after a few chapters with some little edits if I have the time This story is inspired by a twee...

  • In between
    275 15 1

    I have had this little conversations with Viola on Tumblr that while I'm very interested about what happens after 'let's get married' but also how did LeyEm come from 'there's no Osman anymore' to 'let's get married'... Viola prompted 'I want her to kiss him' and 'then him to kiss her' and 'to see Leyla claiming (?) h...

  • The Game
    214 18 1

    Emre's been playing the game all his life. Entangled in his own lies, he weaves sticky threads of conspiracies behind his brother's back, drawing innocent, honest people into his dirty deeds and working together with Aylin. Sometimes they play together, sometimes apart, but always by the same rules: in no case betray...

  • Il Piacere
    211 15 1

    At first glance, there was absolutely nothing in her that could attract an employer: she was shy, however, surprisingly, at the same time, too overconfident. The only thing that the guy remembered most of all was her eyes. Bright blue, almost turquoise, bottomless and large like doll's eyes. They looked straight, with...

    Completed   Mature
  • Change Your Mind
    3.1K 71 6

    And if the wind were to blow just then, softly but with enough vigor to take with it the pieces he left behind, would he be able to endure the gust of it as it finished taking her away from him?

  • Canım 💘
    222 21 7

    K: "Blimey! I thought you were my fuckin' best friend!" O: "Is your best friend a guy?" K*laughs deliriously*:"No, she's not!" O:"Is she Turkish?" K:"Shall I go and check right now? Yeah, I just checked. 'm afraid she's not." O:"Then I'm afraid I'm not your best friend." / Kaylee is very very drunk, at a horrible par...