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  • Butterfly
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    ❝It was a game considered for children, using their nets to capture beautiful creatures dressed in colorful patterns that roamed the skies and rested on the earthy floors. But never did he imagine it would become a game of his own as he chased after his own Butterfly.❞ Stuck in a world ran by sexist and overbearing me...

  • My Best Friend's Brother | ✔
    7M 173K 56

    He was her best friend's brother. She was his little sister's best friend. He was a player. She had a crush on him. --------------------------- Ariel has always liked her best friend's brother. She knew that he only thought about her as nothing more but his little sister's friend. They had a great friendship regardles...

    Completed   Mature
    3.3M 85.8K 33

    "I want to have you scream my name to the heavens as I thrust into you." he elaborates, causing me to shut my legs. "I-" I stop, not knowing how to respond. "You want me just as much, don't you?" he taunts, tilting his head. "I don't know." »«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»« ~...

    Completed   Mature